Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prayer shawl knitting

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I’m over at today, blogging about Prayer shawl knitting.

Camy here, talking about knitting (yes, again!).

I’ve been hearing more and more about prayer shawls knitted for people. I have to admit, the concept interests me.

What I especially like about it is that if you know who you’re making the shawl for—or even if you don’t—as you knit, you pray that the person wearing it will feel God’s presence and hear His voice and find comfort.

I’m hesitant to make prayer shawls for my friends because honestly, would any of them actually use a shawl as they pray???

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  1. At my mom's church this lady started a "prayer shawl ministry" that has grown by leaps and's been really cool! And the shawls have been used and benefited tons of people!

  2. Melinda over at Faithchick said it was primarily for cancer patients, which I hadn't known. I think that's really cool!

  3. I love this idea. While I am not currently ill and thus not in the target audience for receiving these, I would like to have a prayer shawl for when I am spiritually and emotionally hurting. To be able to physically wrap the prayers of others around me like the arms of God sounds so comforting! I think it would be a very special gift to receive from a friend - more special than other things you could knit without a special purpose.

  4. I was given a prayer quilt during a time of illness - and I cherish it. Often when I was the most discouraged, I'd wrap it around my shoulders and pray, thanking God for the dear strangers who poured their love into this quilt and prayed for me as they made it.

    Tangible gifts of love can really speak to the heart and be a reminder of the love and prayers of other!

  5. Actually, you don't need to just wear a prayer shawl when you pray. I have made a couple of them for elderly senior ladies at my church, and this is how I understand prayer shawl: Prayer for the person you are making the shawl for. I do that with the other items I make as well, since most of my knitted items go on the mitten tree at church to be donated. Basically, I've made prayer shawls, prayer socks, prayer mittens, prayer name it. And, it's very satisfying.