Saturday, May 31, 2008

New place to list my book giveaways

Captain's Log, Supplemental

My agent suggested this, and since she is a blog reader and not a blog writer, I thought her idea valid. She suggested putting my new blog book giveaways in my sidebar to the right rather than a sticky blog post at the top of my blog, so that my newest posts are more top and center, as it were.

So let me know your thoughts. I kind of like the more streamlined look, but how do you guys like it?

Also, just to reiterate, I will no longer post entire book excerpts on my blog, just partial excerpts, so that the posts are only 2-3 screens long. I'll post links to the full excerpts if you start reading and decide you want to continue.


  1. Yes, do the sidebar. Newest posts should be at the top. People love to see new posts.

  2. um... would they still show up for those of use who read your posts in google reader?

  3. For those of you using a reader like Google Reader or Bloglines or Feedblitz, the individual new book giveaway posts would show up like usual, but the short summary list would not. Do you use the short summary list most? Or do you just click through on the individual book giveaway posts?


  4. I like the idea of the sidebar.
    I get feedblitz for many posts and when you get the feedblitz it tells you about the giveaway.
    the sidebar is easy to click on and alot of bloggers with giveaways are doing it this way.

  5. I like it in the sidebar. It gives your posts top priority rather than your giveaways--just as it should be. :)