Friday, July 14, 2006

ICRS, part 2

Captain’s Log, Stardate 07.14.2006

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ICRS, part 2 (continued from part 1):

Sue Brower had invited me to the Christy awards that night and I was so thrilled to get to go. Everyone looked gorgeous. I’ve never seen Brandilyn Collins or Meredith Efken in anything besides jeans before.

I hadn’t seen Sue Brower in two years and I was deathly afraid I wouldn’t recognize her, but Wendy introduced me and saved me from doing anything remotely stupid like, oh, walking past her.

Sue immediately slammed me with the big dogs—she introduced me to the VPs of sales and marketing and a few other titles I can’t remember. I also can’t remember their names for the life of me, which will probably cause me abject mortification later.

I, of course, met them with poise and confidence—not. I couldn’t stop talking. My brain kept screaming, Shut up now! and my mouth didn’t listen. They probably thought I was a blathering idiot.

I met Joyce Ondersma, Senior Manager of Z Author Care. She was soooooo nice. I also met lots of people at my table whose names I don’t remember. Oh, and I met Lori Copeland, whose book will be released at the same time as mine next year. I’ll be riding her marketing coattails.

Dinner was good food. Brandilyn Collins’s blog post sums up the evening much better than I could, because I didn’t take notes or anything. I was trying to be a nice person for once and absorb everything.

Oh . . . I did make a total idiot of myself (What? Again?) when I met Vanessa Del Fabbro. When she said hello, she didn't mention her last name, and I thought she was Venessa Ng (the red-gold hair should have clued me in, I know) and made some comment about her editing business. Then after she won her Christy award, I went up to apologize and explain, but I think I ended up sounding even more like a moron than I felt.

On Monday: After the Christy Awards, or More Stupidity On My Part.


  1. Oh Camy, it sounds like so much fun. Thank YOU for letting us peek over your shoulder. If it's any consolation, I'm sure a bunch of us (me included) start hitting verbal overdrive. Especially in a high-energy setting. :) ICRS would have been fun to see, but I spent this week on the beach on the TX coast. ahhhh... :)

  2. Oh Camy! I can so relate! My mouth and my brain continually have communication issues.

    Sounds like it was still fun!

  3. Me too! If I'm in a setting that makes me the least bit...nervous, over-excited, etc. my mouth completely disregards the warning signals my brain is sending out and goes into overdrive! It drives me crazy and always leaves me feeling like an idiot afterwards until I remind myself that I'm not the only one who does it and it's really not so bad!

  4. LOL, girl, you crack me up. Now I'm ready to read More Stupidity Part Deaux! LOL

  5. Camy,
    What a great trip! Sounds like you met tons of people, big dogs included. And don't worry about anything you did being so awful. I'm sure Vanessa understood. (Of course, I need to read tomorrow before I say that, I guess!) LOL

    Welcome home!

  6. Oh, Camy, I'm sure no matter how silly you seemed...or thought you seemed...everyone took it in stride. After all, haven't we all done or said something dorky (not to imply that I thinky you're dorky).

    Glad you had a fun trip and that you made it home safely.


  7. I'm betting every person you thought you embarrased yourself with as a story about how he or she embarrased themselves at their first conference. Don't sweat it! Sounds like you had a great time.

  8. LOL Camy, I'm sure you didn't sound near as bad as you think you did. :) It sounds like a fun time!

  9. Can I just live my stupid moments vicariously through you?? LOL I wish--have had many of those moments (but definitely not on this scale LOLOL). So glad you are sharing with us.

  10. Aww, girl, I bet you did better than you think. You always handle yourself with such poise and confidence.

    Now find a picture of you in that dress!!!

  11. yeah what D said!! I hear your were gorgeous btw