Friday, May 30, 2008


Captain's Log, Stardate 05.30.2008

I have just finished watching the BBC production of Cranford and I am COMPLETELY FLOORED!!!

I love this miniseries more than North and South and as much as Pride and Prejudice!!!!!

There is humor, there is love, there is tragedy. There is hope. I love how the story flows from person to person, and how despite hardships, the kindness and love of the residents of Cranford shine through.

This is a wonderful script and excellent casting. These are some of the finest actors I have seen in any movie. Dame Judi Dench is amazing, as is Dame Francesca Annis. I can’t praise this miniseries enough.

I have this saved on Tivo, but I am buying this DVD AT ONCE!!!!


  1. So glad you liked Cranford! It is wonderful, isn't it? I bought the DVDs but haven't rewatched them yet (hmm...good weekend project!). Still like North & South more though (I mean, c'mon, it's got RICHARD ARMITAGE in it!! LOL, j/k!). The BBC is producing a 2 part "Christmas" special that will air over there in I'm sure it'll be 2010 before we get it (SIGH!!). It's supposed to pick up one year after this miniseries ends I believe.

  2. This was definitely my favorite film of the 2008 Masterpiece Classics season. I got an advance copy of it on DVD from PBS to review on my blog before it aired. I watched all five hours in one sitting (okay, I was ironing and folding laundry and doing stuff like that while I was watching).

    I'm usually the kind of person who prefers the original source material over a film adaptation, but having read about half of the novella Cranford, I have to say I like the film version MUCH better!

  3. I completely agree, Camy. I have recommended the series to all my Netflix pals, and while I have saved it on my DVR, I want to buy the DVD too.


  4. I thought of you, Camy, when I watched Cranford and wondered if you saw it. Because I read all your comments about the Jane Austen movies. I laughed out loud at the scene about how to eat oranges and if "sucking" was appropriate. I got THE LOOK from my husband for that. And I bawled like a child when Dench's love interest died. I loved every minute of it.

  5. Ruth, I will give you leave to like N&S more because of Richard, but for me, while the choice was VERY HARD, I have to say I enjoyed Cranford more because of the terrific casting and script.

    Kaye, I'm so jealous you got an advance DVD! I've glanced at the Cranford novella, and when I discovered she'd combined three different stories for the series, I was thinking that the series is probably better. Fuller, more stuff added to link the three stories, etc.

    Robin--Is it bad for me to gaze longingly at it in my Amazon wishlist? ;)

    Tanja--I loved that orange scene! And I was bawling too. I think I bawled through the entire last two hours.


  6. I saw it too!! It was truly wonderful and I hope to purchase the series someday. Right now I am working on buying all the Star Treks.

    "Live long and prosper."