Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Captain's Log, Stardate 04.15.2008

We filed our taxes. Yay! They’re done! I always tell myself, Next year, I’ll start earlier. But I never do.

We use a CPA who charges $500 to do our taxes. Captain Caffeine, being Chinese, grumbles, “Turbotax costs only $80.”

I reply, “Turbotax is cold comfort if we ever get audited.”

I actually do feel more comfortable using a CPA. Since I got contracted, I want to make sure that the taxes on my writing income and expenses are filed correctly. I was never sure I was filing my deductions correctly with Turbotax.

(If there are any writers concerned about that, my friend and writer Danica Favorite-MacDonald works for H&R Block and did a two-hour workshop on taxes at the 2007 ACFW Conference, and you can order the MP3s of the workshop.)

And for those of you who still think that once you get a contract, you can afford a second home on a Hawaiian beach in which to write—Captain Caffeine calculated that I make less than minimum wage.

I’m not complaining. I’m doing what I love. I might need to go back to biology work to supplement my (pitiful) writing income, but that’s okay because I don’t write for the money. I write because I love it and I feel this is what God wants me to do.

What do you love to do? Does it cause you pleasure, suffering, or both?


  1. Glad your taxes are done I always use to say i will do it earlier next year but always got it in by the last week of Oct (our tax year is july- june)
    but last year i did it in August and had my refund of about $20 before i went on holiday.

    I love going to the cricket it causes pleasure and pain, (Pain getting up early, lack of sleep, and of course pain to the hip pocket for accomodation) but also sitting my knee tends to ache. but i love going and being at the ground.
    I also love scrapbooking and enjoy that too but being a procratinator i am way behind.

  2. I love reading. It gives me tremendous pleasure. I just wish someone would pay me to do it. :D

  3. After reading your post, I will not complain about how much our tax lady charged! Thank you--sincerely--for letting the rest of us know. I'm sighing with relief right now. Whew!

  4. I enjoyed your post, Camy. As far as taxes, I'm able to use TurboTax because ours aren't very complicated. I always resolve to do them earlier next year, but have yet to accomplish that. Too much last minute hunting for receipts, etc.

    You are certainly gifted at writing; I wish everyone could do what they enjoy for a living. My love is playing the piano for worship, and I've been blessed by doing that for almost 45 years now.

  5. I love to write. Nothing makes me happier. it gives me these tingling feelings before I press pen to paper. Whether I'm feeling down or angry--I write.
    Writing causes me to think about other worlds and that gives me a release.