Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snickers’ ear infection

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I know this is kind of silly, but can you please pray for my dog Snickers? She has an ear infection that’s making her left ear painful. We think it’s painful, anyway—she does a low yelp when we touch her ear, and it’s a little reddish colored inside.

I have been on jury duty this week, but luckily, I haven’t been called in yet. For my county, I have to call a recorded message the day before to see if my juror number is instructed to report to a courthouse. All this week, I haven’t been commanded to appear, although there’s still a chance I’ll get called in on Friday.

Anyway, since I didn’t have to report to a courthouse yet, I can take Snickers in to the vet today. Poor girl, she’s skittish about her ear. Can’t tell, though, can you?


  1. I said a prayer for Snickers, Camy. Hope the ear is better soon!


  2. Poor thing. Of course, I'll pray for Snickers.

    Vader has ear issues too. We found out his were related to allergies. Now he's on special food and the ear issues cleared right up. I hope it as easy a fix for Snickers.

  3. Oh poor Snickers! I'll pray for her.

    One of our Chihuahuas (yeah, we have two of them, wonderful huh? *i hope you can read the sarcasm*) anyway... one of them has an ear infection now and I'm having to put ear drops in his ear. That's real fun. He's three pounds of not-able-to-sit-still.

    I hope all went well at the vet for Snickers.