Monday, April 28, 2008

Girls, God, and the Good Life

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I blogged yesterday at Girls, God and the Good Life about being brave. I posed a few questions, too. Go and read it to understand the rest of today's post. I'll wait. It's short.

Ironically, the message at church yesterday was about the Holy Spirit, and the pastor started off with the observation that many Christians mistake an experience for God.

He talked about how teenagers will love going to the JEMS Mount Hermon retreat every summer because they have a vivid experience of God's power, but that excitement wanes as they get older because they no longer have the same experience every year. They go to Mount Hermon seeking the experience rather than seeking God.

It spoke to me because it brought to the forefront that my worship should not be an experience, it should be seeking God. Seeking God does not always involve a powerful experience or feeling like I should raise my hands during the music. Seeking God can be loud, quiet, or sometimes non-emotional.

I have to admit, when I posted the blog post on Girls, God, and the Good Life on Saturday night, I was just rambling--typing as the thoughts came to me. I didn't really expect God to answer me so thoroughly or so specifically. It's kinda cool that He did.

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  1. God is good that way, isn't he?

    I love the song "Brave." I sang it once for a women's Bible study group and had to be brave to sing it. It was also a song that helped me get thru the fear of writing my first novel and then sharing it with friends.