Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Miss Austen Regrets on Masterpiece

Captain's Log, Stardate 02.05.2008

I just finished watching Miss Austen Regrets on Masterpiece Classic and I’m very impressed.

Now, granted, I don’t know how much of the movie is true and how much is speculation. I recognized a few things from Just Jane, a novel by Nancy Moser, and so I’m relatively certain those events are factual.

But much of the movie is absolutely beautiful. The casting and acting is wonderful, and the scriptwriter was masterful. The script even managed to help me keep Jane’s numerous siblings straight.

One scene near the end with Cassandra was beautiful. It was overheard by their niece Fanny, and it gives some explanation (which might be speculation rather than fact) about why Jane refused her first offer of marriage, and possibly why she wrote Persuasion as she did. It’s a powerfully emotional scene that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m inspired to read a nonfiction book that’s on my TBR pile, A Walk with Jane Austen by Lori Smith. It looks like a travelogue rather than a full biography on Jane, but I’m in a Jane mood and want to read about her regardless.

Lori blogged about Miss Austen Regrets here, and mentioned she didn’t think Jane lived with that much regret. I tend to agree with her after reading Just Jane and also reading just some of the bare facts about Jane’s life. It’s still a good movie, though—as a novelist, I love the emotional intensity and complexity of the dialogue.


  1. I started reading A Walk with Jane Austen over Christmas, but can't remember why I set it aside, because it was really enjoyable. Need to dig that one back out.

    LOVED Miss Austen Regrets! The cinematography and costumes were beautiful, the acting/casting perfection, and the script touched me deeply. This will definitely be one of my favorite movies from now on!

  2. I LOVED MAR! I've been totally geeking out over the whole Masterpiece Jane Austen series they've been running. I especially loved the Northanger Abbey adaptation so far.

    Nancy Moser just released a fictional autobiography of Jane Austen called JUST JANE, which I loved--you might enjoy it. I have the Lori Smith book on my TBR pile, too.

  3. Seeing as you love Jane Austen so much, have you watched the new BBC miniseries Lost In Austen? (released 2008)

    I highly recommend you watch it. I love the modern twist to the story!

  4. I haven't seen that yet! Thanks for the tip!