Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Captain's Log, Stardate 02.12.2008

So for those of you who have read Sushi for One, do you remember a radio station Lex mentions called KNBR (the sports leader)?

Well, it’s a real sports radio station that Captain Caffeine listens to practically every day on his way home from work.

So a few weeks ago, they were holding a giveaway for 11 pizzas, and he phoned in—and he won!

They sent the gift certificates for the pizzas, as well as a T-shirt.

(The Captain is being shy and/or weird and/or channeling Wilson from the TV show Home Improvement.)

Isn’t that totally cool?


  1. Nothing beats free food and free clothing :)

  2. wow how cool congrats on the win

  3. that is cool, but I'm finding what's behind him more interesting. is that more Asian chick lit in process??

  4. Very cool! My husband is always winning things off the radio!

    I'm reading Only Uni~ just started last night~ great, so far! Looking forward to the tour!


  5. that is awesome... enjoy your pizza :)...I am looking forward to the new sushi.