Monday, February 11, 2008

Burned dog biscuits

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Now, I love food but I never said I was a good cook. I made a triple batch of dog biscuits, using a recipe I’ve used before. The last time I did a multiple batch, I needed two trays, so I just baked it a little longer. So I did that this time, too.

Yeah, a little too long in the oven, don’t you think?

I used this recipe, except that I used less water—only one cup rather than 1 ½ cup, and I used hot water. I dissolved the peanut butter in the hot water before adding that to the dry ingredients.

I was going to send some to my editor for her puppy, but since I caramelized half the batch, I decided not to. Next time!

Snickers was quite interested while I was baking her biscuits.


  1. Mmmm. Sounds like peanut butter cookies. ;-)

    I may have to try this recipe for my Razzie. She looooooves peanut butter!

  2. If I died and came back a dog, I'd want to be YOUR dog. ;-)

  3. Mmmmm. I bet that was a fun smell to have lingering in your kitchen : ) I've missed you : )

  4. Camy, that's so funny!! It's so something I would do. :)

    I bet your baby didn't notice, did he? Or did you pitch them? I think if my dogs could still smell the least little bit of peanut butter, they'd eat them.

    You're such a good mommy. My poor doggies get generic grocery store brand biscuits.


  5. That's a precious photo of your puppy.