Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 01.13.2008

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, email me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray ONE Sunday.

I’m trying something new with my Sunday Prayer. I’m really bad about doing it on Sunday, so I’ll be updating it during the week.

Dear Lord, thank you for another day.

I pray for complete healing for Bruce, Doug, Malia, Helen, Kelli, Kristy.

I lift up Case and his family to you.

I lift up Christa to you, and her unspoken prayer request concerning her writing. Please be with her, give her the wisdom she needs, and continue to lift her up.

I lift up Elysa and her kids and their Swaziland trip. Please heal her kids and help Elysa to stay calm and focused and trusting you to take care of everything.

I pray for healing for Tami. Please give her and her doctors wisdom about what is wrong and how to treat it. Give her peace and help her family continue to love and support her.

Please give justice to Elysa's friend. I pray for everything to turn out as you desire it to, and I ask for peace over everyone involved.

Please help me with the work I have to do, and please continue to give me discipline in my life.



  1. Hi Camy!

    Still seeking your prayers for our upcoming trip to Swaziland with Children's HopeChest. Looks like my 2nd daughter (who is scheduled to go with us on the trip) is now breaking out with chicken pox. Pray that she'll be healed up soon so she can go with us. I know that God is bigger than chicken pox and if He wants my girls to go, then they will go!

    My oldest daughter has not had spots though for several days last week she had all the achy, tiredness, etc. that is associated with chicken pox.

    I also ask that you pray that I won't fReAk OuT but will TRUST my loving Father.

    Thanks so much,
    Elysa Mac

  2. Hi Camy,
    I am asking for prayer regarding an ongoing health issue. I have been struggling for a long time to get a diagnosis and a solution. What hurts the worst is the affect that this has on my young daughters as they try to understand why mommy doesn't feel good. I don't even know what to ask for, but I know I need God's help.

    Thanks for your prayers!
    Tami from Tree Swing Reading

  3. Thanks, Camy! You're a blessing as always. :)

  4. Another prayer request, Camy. Please pray for someone close to me. This person is a hardworking, very honest business owner who has been falsely accused of illegal business practices. This situation has been going on for over a year and it is about to destroy them physically. They are meeting with authorities today. Please pray that the truth will prevail and this situation will finally be put to rest. But most of all, pray that all of this is used for my loved one's good and God's glory.

    Thanks so much,