Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Hero in Three Pages

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I'm blogging about writing heroes over at the Seekerville blog today:

A Hero in Three Pages

If you're not a writer, how about this: How is your hubby heroic?

Captain Caffeine is heroic because he lets me blog about all the random stuff he does (like nasal saline sprays) without being embarrassed or revoking my computer privileges.

He also makes a mean latte, feeding my caffeine addiction.

Lastly, he's heroic because he continues to watch movies with me, despite the fact I tend to talk and scream during the movie, which would drive a weaker man to homicide.


  1. alas i dont have a hubby so i dont have a hero. but you got me thinking my cricket hero from South Africa was one of those guys that wasn't the cutest (on first glance) but he has a lot of quirks and habits that i find endearing! Hes also a people person. He takes the time to make a fan feel special (i know cos others told me the same thing). He boasted my self confidence so much and made me feel really good that a international cricketer would remember me and not just me my name. (which may explain the website i made about him). So he was my heroic to me and yes he is quite cute.

  2. I think just the fact that my husband goes to work day in and day out (sometimes 14+ hour days) to support our family is heroic.

    You sound exactly like my MIL when it comes to movies. Sometimes, she adds entertainment, but sometimes she drives me crazy. :D