Monday, October 01, 2007

My first toe sock

Captain's Log, Supplemental

I finished my first toe sock!

Yes, it’s missing its other half. I'll finish it later.

I used’s Memories in Hawaii colorway, and I modified the toe part of Michelle Cho’s toe-sock pattern for my top-down sock in plain stockinette stitch.

The toes aren’t quite right—I made the foot too long before starting on the toes. The toes are also a bit snug, but I figure it’s better to have a snug sock rather than a loose one. My socks have loosened a little after a few washes.

This wasn’t just for me, it was also for practice. One of my high school youth group girls just graduated and is now in college, so I promised her I’d knit her toe socks as a graduation/goodbye present. I hope those turn out better!


  1. Hi Camy! Haven't dropped by for awhile as I was getting ready and moving to South Korea for a year to teach English. I'm here now and settling in and thought I'd stop by to say hello.

    Your toe sock looks great! I haven't been doing much knitting towards the latter part of the summer and while I was in transit. I've started a scarf though and have brought a few balls of sock yarn from home with me...have to start the socks though.

  2. I think your toe sock looks great. No telling what it would look like if I tried to knit one!

  3. Or maybe you have big toes? Just saying....


  4. I love your toe socks! Great job.