Friday, October 12, 2007

Christmas presents

Captain's Log, Stardate 10.12.2007

Yup, I’m already thinking about Christmas because this year, I’m making a bunch of them.

Some socks for Grandma and aunties and uncles, because their feet get cold and you rarely find wool socks in Hawaii. (Plus most houses don’t have central heat in Hawaii, for obvious reasons, but it can get a bit chilly at night in the wintertime.)

A cute felted purse for my cousin’s daughter, who loves purses (it must be genetic, because my mom loves purses, I love purses, and now my mom’s sister’s son’s daughter loves purses).

Some scarves and lace shawls for special people in my life.

And the best part—I just ordered yarn last night! My stash grows and grows.

One of the reasons I start so early is because I CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING! My parents are especially the hardest to find presents for.

You know who’s the easiest? Captain Caffeine, because I tell him to just get for himself whatever he wants for Christmas.

How about you? Any thoughts on Xmas presents for loved ones?


  1. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for thinking about gifts. But I try to help my husband out with his side of the family. Unfortunately, he's super slow about this, so I have to start now if he's going to decide on something by Christmas.

    I was thinking about a nice set of sheets for my mom. And my sister will be home for Christmas, so I thought about doing a photography session to get a family picture done (cause we're never all together).

  2. I think most of our family will get pictures of us in pretty frames this year.

  3. I'm crocheting my dad a throw blanket out of a feathery chenille yarn, so when he falls asleep in his recliner he can snuggle up with his blanket. :)

    Otherise, I'm stamping card sets for people and trying to finish a couple of scrapbooks as presents.

  4. I'm not a knitter but do like to create my own presents (that someone would really like to receive). I have some ideas on my blog if anyone is not into sewing:

  5. I just discovered the unbelievable books I can make and order online in iPhoto (Go, Mac!) Cloth-covered, coffee table-quality books for all of $29.99 plus shipping! It took me about an hour from absolute novice to a finished, uploaded book. And I received the book within a week with no special shipping. It's gorgeous.

    I'm planning to make books for many in my family-- I've got such wonderful photos and this is hardly more expensive than buying prints.

  6. I'm curious about the "special people" in your

  7. Since you're a knitter, I have to share this with you. Garnet Hill has this super cool advent calendar. If I were a knitter, this is what I would be making for everyone this year. Here's a link.

    Since I'm not a knitter and my family is spread over eight states, I need gifts that are easy to mail. My favorite is from OneVerse. You can have a Scripture passage of your choice translated into the language of your choice through Wycliffe. They send a gift card and everything. It's very cool!