Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, but I was celebrating! I finished the third book in my Sushi Series, The Lone Rice Ball, in the wee hours on Monday morning and so I took off Tuesday to rest.

(By “rest,” I mean I slept a lot and overate at dinner, which was my husband’s smoked pork shoulder. Yum!)

I also just got my developmental edits for Only Uni from my editor on Monday, and they’re due at the end of the month. From what I’ve heard from my friend Robin Caroll, she only has two weeks for her line edits, also.

This is my second round of edits. My first was my macro edits, which I got on March 13th, and sent back to my macro editor (Rachelle Gardner) on April 20th. We did one more set of minor tweaking before she sent it to my senior editor on May 15th.

This set of edits is my developmental edit—also called a line edit—sent to me by my developmental editor, Becky Shingledecker. (She does figure skating in her spare time! Isn’t that just way cool?)

After the developmental edits are turned in, I think I only have one more set of edits, which will be the book galleys. I can’t do many changes by the galley stage except for typos and stuff.

So now I have to switch my brain from the plot of The Lone Rice Ball back to Only Uni. It’s a little hard for me. I think I need a couple more days before I can fully dive into my developmental edits.


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your breathing time and then good luck with your edits.

  2. Congratulations!!

    Figure skating in spare time is very cool... especially with a last name like "Shingledecker." :-)

  3. Yay! And good luck on that mind switch from one book to another. I have a hard time with that too, it's why I'm not touching my book #1 until I hear back from the agents, I'm really sick of it and want to finish the rough draft of book 2 before hubby somes home from Iraq.

    Does eating Reese Pieces count as good with a diet? LOL!

  4. Have fun with the edits, Camy. I love that stage.

    So what are you working on next?

  5. ...and before you know it you'll be dealing with the notes on Lone Rice Ball from your evil macro editor... the fun never ends!

  6. Congrats on finishing book three! YAY! Huge relief, eh?
    And I am RIGHT there with you on not finishing books that don't immediately grab me. I've "not read" a lot of books!

  7. Congratulations! A whole three-book series in the hopper. What's next?

    BTW, still not getting your site picked up by Blogarithm. Even after deleting and re-adding. Worked for a couple of days. So I just have to make it my business to hop over. It does pick up Story Sensei though. Go figure.