Friday, June 08, 2007

One Life and aromatherapy

Captain's Log, Supplemental

One of the girls in my youth group spearheaded a One Life Revolution fundraiser at our church to raise money for families of AIDS in Africa. It’s a very cool program and we raised enough money for 294 children in Africa.

To end the fundraiser, she arranged a symbolic candle lighting ceremony. The youth group kids each got a candle, which they lit from a single “Timothy” candle, and they in turn lighted 294 tea lights, one for each of the children they’d raised money for.

(And yes, we made sure we had the fire extinguisher handy. These are teenagers, after all.)

Of course, at the end, she was stuck with 294 tea lights and the candles the youth group used to light them. I volunteered to take the candles.

I will actually use these tea lights. I have an aromatherapy candle diffuser that I use when I write.

I fill it with some homemade lavender and eucalyptus infusion water, and as the water evaporates, the lavender and eucalyptus smell fills my small office.

The aromatherapy is for relaxation (lavender) and clearing my sinuses (eucalyptus) to prevent sinus headaches, which hit me every time the barometric pressure changes.

I go through tea lights pretty quickly, so these 294 tea lights will last me the rest of the year!

Anyone else use aromatherapy?


  1. I am addicted to fragrance! Right now, as I work at home, I am burning patchouli incense, although I couldn't decide between that or three different varieties of champaka. Sometimes I burn a sandalwood or vanilla candle. I love sweet, woodsy aromas. Sometimes I burn essential oils, again toggling between patchouli or sandalwood. If I don't feel well, I'll toss some pine or eucalyptus in my bath water. I also like Warm Vanilla Sugar, an oil from the Bath & Body Shop.

    Boy, I really delurked, didn't I?

  2. I'll have to try the eucalyptus because my family is forever plagued with sinus headaches.

    Where would I find it?

  3. Probably by mistake. I love to have scents filling the air and gravitate toward things that will relax me.

  4. There's a lady in my tiny hometown that makes candles called Master's Hand Candles, she's a home schooling mom and, again, in my tiny hometown where everybody knows everybody...I can't find her.
    This are the most fantastic candles, in pint canning jars and they smell beyond fantastic.
    I buy then at the local grocery store and THEY can't find her.
    I wanted to buy some volume candles in colors of my choice as give aways at book signings. I thought,
    Christian novel, Petticoat Ranch
    Christian Candles, Masters Hand
    Perfect cross promotion, perfect way to support a Christian business, what could be better?
    Except I can't find the woman. The local grocery store said she doesn't have a phone and she lives in the country, they're not sure where and she just comes in sometimes with candles.
    I also found a webpage, phone number that seemed to work, and newsletter. I've left messages, signed up for the newsletter and ordered candles online and emailed her.
    Ghost candles.
    But man do they smell good!!!!!
    Mary Connealy