Monday, June 25, 2007

Do dogs feel embarrassed?

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Snickers has been licking a wound on her leg, so we put the dreaded cone on her neck. It’s a big honkin’ plastic thing that isolates her head.

It looks absolutely ridiculous on her. It made me wonder if dogs feel embarrassed at how silly they look. What do you think? She looks a bit sorrowful, doesn’t she?

It kind of puts a damper on her attempts to guard her backyard.


  1. awww... I know they hate those things!
    Yes, dogs do get embarrassed!! You should see mine when she lets one rip...whew!!!
    LOL. Hope your summer is going well so far.

  2. TCU. (Totally cracking up.) Poor Snickers. Well, at least she's not trying to lick the inside of the cone. Reminds me of Karen's dog Dakota who got her head stuck inside the dog biscuit jar -- they had to cut it off her, but she was having a blast licking all the crumbs from inside the jar. What a hoot.

    When my s-i-l cut Mario's hair one time, she cut it too short and she laughed at him when she was done. He avoided her -- not even being in the same room with her -- for three weeks.

    : )

  3. Poor Snickers! She does look embarrassed.

    Camy, I just visited your Loft last week for the first time and read the story of your writing journey. I want to thank you for being so generously open. I now have confirmation that my experience is not isolated, which is a great comfort.

    What especially spoke to my heart was God's discipline of your initial motivation for writing. After writing almost nonstop for five years, I have spent over a year struggling to get one sentence of fiction on paper. I feel that God is disciplining me for putting my writing above His glory. I accept the discipline as just and necessary. Still, living without fiction writing has been very difficult, when I used to fall into it as readily and naturally as breathing. Your story, however, gives me hope that once I've fully surrendered my dreams to God, He may eventually give back my passion for writing novels. Thank you again for sharing the struggles that led to your success, and congrats on your contract with Zondervan!

  4. Ahhh, poor sweet baby! My Lizzie (a West Highland Terror--er--Terrier) seemed to be embarrassed when some mad groomer (whom we never went back to...) cut off all of her hair. Gack!

    Dogs are characters, fer shure.(But then, so are their peeps!)

  5. I think they do, they even know when they do something wrong. lol.

  6. Aww, poor puppers. I think for them, iti's just more aggravating. LOL Give poor Snickers a mirror and you'll have one depressed pup. LOL