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Captain's Log, Supplemental

This is completely random, but hey, what else do you expect from me?

Our dog loves watching the backyard. We have affectionately named it “BTV,” as in Backyard TV (a la MTV).

Here is how stupid she is. She can’t see a blessed thing.

Here is a picture of her viewpoint through the sliding glass door.

Notice the (a) mountain of boxes in her way, (b) the rug draped over an old weight machine set we have yet to put together, and (c) the smudge marks from her nose putting everything out of focus. The bush in the back is my French lavender plants desperately in need of a trimming.

The only thing she can see is the top of fence, where an occasional squirrel will run. I guess she enjoys barking at them, as if one will suddenly have a seizure and fall down from the fence right into her yard, and she’ll magically transport out of the house into the yard so she can play with it.

She will lie in front of the door for hours just for the chance to bark at a squirrel. I tell you, my dog is missing a few biscuits in her brainbox.


  1. Maybe she's fantasizing that it's really a dog's paradise out there. Hey! Who knows? She's the "child" of a fiction writer!! :-D

  2. That's what I love about dogs... hope springs eternal. Ahhh, blessed hope. Where would we be without it?

  3. Dogs are funny creatures. I had a dog once who chased a racoon up a tree, then she stood at the bottom of the tree barking at it... for FIVE HOURS. It must be nice to have such a simple life that staring out a window at nothing or barking at a racoon in a tree for hours is a worthwhile endeavor...

  4. ROFLOL! Your back door looks just like ours--covered in dog snot! We have both bunnies and squirrels to keep our doggies entertained.


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