Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Book savoring

Captain’s Log, Stardate 06.12.2007

You all know what I mean. There are certain authors, certain books, which you read slowly to make it last longer.

I’m reading one book like that right now. One of my favorite Regency romance authors is Carla Kelly, and when the Signet Regency line closed, I wasn’t sure if she’d continue writing. I was SO happy when I found out she put out a title with Harlequin Historicals called Beau Crusoe.

Carla Kelly always has very interesting aspects of Regency life that she explores. This particular book is no exception—rather than typical lords and ladies, she has a gentleman, a simple “mister,” who was shipwrecked for five years and then rescued less than a year before the story opens. He has been lauded because of a scientific treatise on crabs that he wrote while marooned.

The heroine is a young woman, disgraced when she had eloped with her husband to India, where he died of the cholera. She returned to her uncaring and bitter family with her son.

The story premise is so neat! And the author immerses the reader in the popular Regency era, but in an unusual setting. The characters are sympathetic but flawed, dealing with lots of mysterious backstory that hasn’t been revealed to me yet. Goodie!

I’m reading slowly. I’m reading in small chunks of time, a little each day. I’m only eating my favorite snacks as I read this book!

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