Monday, May 14, 2007

Interview with Rachel Hauck

Captain’s Log, Stardate 05.14.2007

Today I’ve got a nifty interview with chick lit author Rachel Hauck!

Rachel's latest book is Diva NashVegas!

For the past decade, Aubrey James has ruled the charts as the queen of country soul. She rocketed to fame in the shadow of her parent’s death – pioneers in Christian music. While her public life, high profile romances and fights with Music Row writes juicy tabloid headlines, the real and private Aubrey’s is a media mystery.

When a close friend and former band member betrays Aubrey’s trust and sells an exclusive story to a tabloid, the super star knows she must go public with her own story.

Inside NashVegas sports anchor, Scott Vaughn, is not prepared for the summer assignment of interviewing a country diva. Especially not one he dated. And abandoned. But he has no choice. His career and the future of Inside NashVegas depends on the success of this interview.

Aubrey's private world is rocked when Scott shows up at her home for the first session. Realizing it’s too late to back out of the deal, Aubrey bravely opens her heart to Scott and discovers a future beyond the lonely orphan girl. Will she find faith, hope and love?

And now, prepare yourselves for Camy and Rachel!

What was the funnest part of writing Diva NashVegas?

Actually, coming up with the "media" quotes and adding "Liner Notes" for Aubrey at the end of the book, along with my acknowledgements. It's like she's real. That was fun.

What's your favorite scene from Diva NashVegas?

There are several really good scenes with Aubrey and her interviewer, Scott Vaughn. I like the very first interview scene. Aubrey seems so raw and real. I like the scene in the Ryman Auditorium where she's confronted about her life by a self-righteous woman, and I like the scene in the field with the jeep. Can't say more about that because it'll give something away. :)

You know (or maybe you don't know) how much I LOVE FOOD. I just came back from Hawaii where I had gorge-fest on my favorite local "grinds." What's your favorite ethnic food to eat and why?

I do love Chinese. Well, and Japanese foods. I love fried rice.

If you were a soft drink, what would you be and why?

What do you mean "if?" I AM a Diet Coke. ;)

LOLOL. I can relate to that. What's your favorite cartoon character and why?

Hands down, Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs. We have all the books/complications and I read them over and over. He's so fun, and many times poignant.

You're off the hotseat! Any parting words?

Thank Camy for this opportunity and great success to you with Sushi for One?. It's good!

Camy here: Thanks, Rachel!