Monday, May 21, 2007

Graduation announcements

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

I’ve been a staff worker for my church youth group for about eleven years now (yikes, do I feel old!), and we’re pretty close to this current crop of high school kids.

I’ve gotten two graduation announcements from seniors, and Captain Caffeine and I are a bit confused.

In previous years, we’d had seniors whose graduation exercises required tickets for admission, so the graduation announcement was just an announcement, not an invitation. Seniors only got a few tickets for family—sometimes as few as four tickets—so they couldn’t exactly invite their youth staff leaders to attend.

Now this year, my husband and I are wondering—are these announcements or invitations?

In my senior year in high school (let’s not go into how long ago that was), commencement was open, so anybody could go. (Plus it was outdoors, muddy, rainy (most years), in the early evening, and hecka long.)

So … are we invited to these commencements? How can we find out without having to actually call the parents and ask? (How embarrassing would that be?)

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