Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crunch music?

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Okay, so you might know I’m in crunch mode. The third book in my Sushi Series, The Lone Rice Ball (isn’t that a cute title? My agent thought of that one).

Originally, I had misread my contract (yup, the Camster needs new glasses in a major way) and thought the due date was June 1st, but luckily I had gotten halfway done and then realized the due date is July 1st (Rachelle, if you’re reading—stop laughing, woman. For the rest of you—Rachelle is my macro editor).

So I’m a little more than halfway done, but not near as stressed as I was on Saturday, and was able to take a Sabbath day on Sunday. (And, I admit, part of Monday.)

Anyway, I’m still trying to get this book done in the next week. I had bought The Creative Mind System CDs a few months ago, and am now using it to hopefully increase my creative productivity.

I also ordered Brainwave Symphony CD boxed set because I love classical music and if there’s at all some benefit from the beta or theta waves, why not?

I love the music itself from The Creative Mind System because it’s soothing and pleasant. I don’t use it for any type of New Age meditation, but it’s very relaxing to use when I write, and at this point (crunch mode) I could use any help I can get.

Have any of you used that sort of stuff with brainwave frequencies embedded in music? I admit it’s rather fascinating to me, especially since I specialized in neuropsychology in college.


  1. Rachel's not the only one laughing.

    ; )

  2. Maybe that's my problem. I've never tried that freaky brain-wave stuff, I tend towards, uhh, pretty much everything else. Maybe if I tried the creative mind system I might be a nicer editor and wouldn't be laughing at you all the time????? Or maybe it would help me be more creative in my editing. I'll admit, "Camy, change that stinkin' sentence, it reeks" lacks a certain je ne sais quois.