Monday, February 12, 2007

The Marketing Writer

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

For writers:

My friend Ron Estrada has started a new blog (actually, he’s revamped his old one) specifically for marketing strategies for writers called “The Marketing Writer” (very original there, dude).

Okay, seriously now—it’s a terrific blog premise. Here’s what it’s about:

My little scheme is to use this blog as the staging area for my marketing plan. Why? Because I can lay it out, step by step, as I go. AND I can include you in the process. . . .

It’s not enough that you have talent. It’s not enough that you were called. You must do whatever you can to ensure all that talent doesn’t go to waste. That’s where marketing comes in. It’s an investment in your writing. The greater the return on that investment, the more you can give back to Him. I’m not just talking dollars, I’m talking souls reached for the Kingdom.

Sound cool? Head on over to The Marketing Writer and add his RSS feed to your news/blog aggregator.

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  1. Plugged by Camy Tang! My life is complete. Thanks, girl! When you come to Michigan for your book signings (I suggest June or July), I'll be your coffee boy.