Monday, February 12, 2007

Death squeal

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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R-rated dog toys...

My friend Minza used to be my roommate, and she’s a garage-sale Diva. She can find the best stuff for the most impossible prices. (She found my Villeroy and Boch oval casserole dish for a dollar!)

Anyway, I had lunch with her the other day and she gave me a little plastic squeak toy for my dog that she found at a garage sale.

Cute, right? Well, beneath that sweet exterior lurked the most horrific “death squeal” I’ve ever heard. If you squeeze its head, it looses this bloodcurdling scream that sounds like the agonized cry of a dying pig.

Snickers loves it.

The funny thing is that she’ll mouth it for a little while, then toss it a foot away and bark at it. As if it’s going to hop up and play with her. My dog is so stupid.


  1. Awwww - such a sweet puppy! And how do you know that SQUEAKER doesn't get up to play when you aren't looking? Your doggy may be smarter than you think!

  2. When I saw your post title, I thought maybe someone had written a new mystery/horror book. I'm glad it's just a dog toy. That would have been kind of a cheesy name for a book.

    Why is it that dogs love the really loud obnoxious toys? I bet that's a lovely sound to wake up to in the morning. :-D

  3. Camy, that is too great! I love the picture of Snickers. My dad's dog, Cede, has a hedgehog that makes a sound like a goose is being strangled.

    Cede will play with it for a while, then just lay with it in her mouth. Just when you start to relax, she squeezes it one more time: "HHGGUHUUUHHH!" And I nearly jump out of my skin.


  4. Awww...Snickers is such a cutie!

  5. Hehe - I have to dumb dogs myself - I love them. :) Snickers is adorable.

    And now I'm hungry for a Snickers bar. I need CHOCOLATE!