Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or e-mail me. If I forgot your prayer request, e-mail me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't e-mail me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.
Lord, thank you for another day from you.

I pray for complete healing for Bruce and Doug. Please cover both of them and their families with your power.

Please be with Heather as she packs up to move. I pray everything goes smoothly both logistically and emotionally.

I pray for overwhelming favor for Case with his sentencing judge. Keep your hand firmly over the entire family and help them to have faith in you. Uphold your righteous ones, Lord. Help Robin do your will as ACFW President, and give her wisdom. Help her not to be overwhelmed, but to be able to stay calm and formulate priorities and plans.

Continue to help Pammer to feel better physically. Help her to do her best for you as the new ACFW VP.

I lift up the new ACFW board to you and ask you to give them humble hearts, wisdom, and love. Help them to make the best decisions for the organization. Help there to be clear, logical heads and open communication. Give them all they need to do a good job.

Knit Cheryl’s bones together quickly and completely. Help her in her revisions of her new manuscript.

Help Dineen get on track with her writing and be able to prioritize during this busy holiday season.

Keep Ronie close to you and help her with all the things she has to do. Give her strength, focus, and peace. I pray Brian passes his test successfully.

Heal Ron’s back and help his writing.

Help Sharon H. continue to be able to keep up with all her deadlines. Give her strength and energy. Help her and watch over her.

Continue to watch over Sarah S. and I pray you will lead and guide her writing career.

I pray for healing for Gina C.’s son.

Be with ChristianFictionQueen and protect her from any spiritual warfare at her workplace.

I pray for complete and quick healing of Malia’s back and knee. Help everything to fall into place with her insurance, her studies, and her writing.

Please continue to watch over and provide for Vicki G. and Mr. G.

Help Audra S.’s husband quit smoking and help Audra have the energy and motivation to get her work done.

Help all the SAYSFers hear back soon about their manuscript submissions. I also pray for physical healing and health for them all.

I pray for complete healing for Glynna’s friend Debi.

I pray for healing and health for Mary’s grand-nephew.

I lift up Janet’s daughter’s friend, whose husband recently died in an accident. Please be with her, take care of her and her daughter.

Please heal Pam H.’s friend Peggy.

Be with Dream and protect her.

Help Mary D. and her family in this transition. I pray everything goes smoothly and you provide for them every step of the way.

Continue to watch over Tricia G. and all you’ve given her to do.

Continue to watch over Judy G.’s writing and career. I also pray for nothing serious in her bloodwork and healing for her physical problems.

Lead Judy Gr. in her writing and I pray you will heal her arm completely.

I pray MelJPrincess is feeling better so that she can be back to 100% soon.

Help Lily stay sober and strong. Continue to bless her abundantly.

Continue to watch over Brittanie.

Help Diana D.’s ankle to heal completely and quickly. Help her to be able to love others around her with your love.

Give Sigrun wisdom in all aspects of her life and help her to know your will for her, and give her the strength and ability to serve you.

Heal Mir from her allergies and tinnitic, and help her to finish her manuscript. Watch over her and her family and protect them from spiritual warfare.

Be with Gina H. in her writing, her new projects, and give her agent wisdom in how to shop her.

Help Ane continue to serve you faithfully and open doors for her writing.

Be with Rachelle, her writing, and her work.

Provide abundantly for Paula M. and her family. Help her to continue to serve you wholeheartedly and protect them from spiritual attack. Help them to stand strong for you.

Help Megan D. in her work and her writing.

I lift up Donna F. to you and ask you to watch over her, guide her, protect her, bless her, and use her for your glory.

Thank you for blessing Mair and I pray for your hand over her and her family.

I pray for grace and joy for Angie P. and Pattie. I pray for complete healing for Pattie.

Continue to watch over Synner and her dad and I pray for complete healing for him.

Lead and guide Beatccr in all she does.

Lay your hand powerfully over Angie B.

I pray for healing for Jeanne D.’s daughter Grace from her RA. Give her wisdom about what to do, and strength and encouragement for her family.

Please be with Katie H. and her brother. Help her brother’s shoulder heal completely. Also please give him wisdom and guidance about his finances and his future. Help him to just rest it all in your hands. Also give Katie clear direction on her own job direction.

Please be with Patricia W.’s niece’s family. Comfort and cover them, Lord.

I pray for complete healing for SarahSermon’s mom.

Guide my friends married to non-believers.

Watch over your persecuted church.

Thank you for all you’ve done to bless me, for helping me to see it in all the little things. Help me to finish this manuscript on time. Thank you for watching voer me.

Bless your people, Lord. Amen.

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