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One Thousand Gifts-31

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.19.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

776. It’s going to go as low as 28 today! I’ve never been so glad for the extra space heater as now.
777. I finished my latest synopsis critique yesterday
778. I worked on some cards
779. I’m on day 30 of my bible in 90 Days, I’m back on track again. It’s encouraging how God paved the way for the people to rebuild the temple and Jerusalem. I love how He had prophesied about Cyrus years before it actually happened.
780. My friend and awesome writer Audra Harders (she was one of the 2006 Genesis FaithWords Finalists) got a part time job! It’s right up her alley and it leaves time for her to write!
781. I’m using my new laptop to crit my friend Sharon’s manuscript! It’s rather exciting.
782. I got books from Avon! They’re for review. I’m looking forward to reading them!
783. My husband got the wrong smoothie in his order and so I got it! Peanut butter and banana!
784. I made peanut butter biscuits for our dog. They turned out really well because I altered the recipe a little. I used the smaller cookie dough scoop and so they’re cute little buttons, just right for a small treat.
785. I exercised yesterday! I rewatched a show from Denise Austin that had been tough for me last week, but it wasn’t as tough the second time.
786. I started a new scarf and worked on it while watching TV
787. I bought a bunch of ebooks on discount!
788. I’ve already got two crits back from my crit partners!
789. I learned a neat new casting on method for my knitting. I would fail as a sailor. It took some time, but I finally got it.
790. My gifts to my agent and editor were shipped yesterday. I hope they get to them in time.
791. I’m eating my Bing cherries to celebrate (belatedly) finishing my manuscript. They taste yummy!
792. Now I get to start on the next book. I already have a few ideas, which include my church youth group.
793. I got to listen to an interesting RWA workshop on MP3 today on how self-realization or self-knowledge can help your writing career.
794. I got one of the Shuffles I’m going to give away for my website contest. It’s so cute!
795. Captain Caffeine got a new trackball, but he doesn’t need it so I might get to use it for my laptop if I don’t like the Mighty Mouse I have.
796. The Mac OS is a little hard to get used to—how to find things aren’t very intuitive for me—but I’m very grateful for a lot of the things that make it convenient.
797. I’m very happy my laptop has such a great processor—so much faster than my desktop.
798. I got to watch some episodes of Bones tonight. Very cool.
799. Jalapeno and cheddar potato crisps from EatSmart are really good!
800. Our last Bible study of the year is tonight. Next year will be a whole new study or a new format for our study group.


  1. Mmm! Peanut Butter and banana smoothie! Sound yummy!

    Thanks for encouraging me to keep up with the 1000 gifts. I was thinking about giving up since 1000 is a lot and I'm not even at 100, but I'm going to keep going even if I have to go past Christmas.


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