Saturday, December 16, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-29

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.16.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

726. How exciting! My online friend and fellow ACFW member Betsy St. Amant contracted this year with Wild Rose Press for her debut Inspirational Romantic Suspense, Midnight Angel, and it’s available in ebook format as of yesterday! The print version, which will be available on,, etc. will be available in January.
727. I did NOT deluge myself with excess stress by standing in that horrific line at the post office. People just standing there looked extra mean and nasty. I forgot how busy the post office is on Fridays. I’ll try to go tomorrow instead.
728. I got my first issue of In Style magazine. It’s for research for my stories, since I’m no longer, well, in my twenties, and want to keep up with issues twenty-somethings are interested in, as well as popular culture.
729. I got the first half of a manuscript I’m critiquing for my friend, Sharon Hinck, called Restorer’s Son, which will be published by NavPress next year. It’s book 2 in a speculative fiction/real-world-fantasy series. Book 1, The Restorer, has an ordinary soccer mom as the heroine, thrust in an alternate world. Now isn’t that just way cool?
730. I had half of a very yummy Vietnamese sandwich yesterday
731. I got another book of quotes so hopefully I’ll have more than enough good fodder for what to write in cards.
732. I got more bubble wrap envelopes for my book giveaways
733. I worked a little more on my scarf
734. My dog’s cute “goofy sit.”
735. The way she breathes deep and almost snores when you scratch her head
736. My husband got another arm band holder for my iPod Nano
737. The honey and apple cider vinegar I drank settled my upset stomach
738. I got a nice Christmas card from several people I know at Zondervan
739. Captain Caffeine came home early to help me prepare the appetizer we’re bringing to his coworker’s Christmas party tonight.
740. The smell of bacon as it cooks (our appetizer is Rachel Ray’s Swiss cheese and bacon dip)
741. We figured out what to get our sister-in-law for Christmas
742. I just found out that my online friend and fellow ACFW member AMBER MILLER SOLD TO HEARTSONG PRESENTS!!!! It’s a historical romance set in Delaware! Congrats, Amber!
743. Man, Sharon’s fast! She already got back to me her crit on the first 15 chapters of my manuscript!
744. I had a great time at Captain Caffeine’s coworker’s Christmas party! Everyone was so nice and the host, Su, was wonderfully generous. She made one of the BEST lemon cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted in my life.
745. I didn’t overstuff myself at the Christmas party, either!
746. My partner and I (not Captain Caffeine, we were assigned partners) won the scavenger hunt! We each got a huge basket of Ghirardelli chocolate treats!
747. My Swiss and bacon dip was a hit at the party, too. People were asking for the recipe. If you're interested, here it is: Rachel Ray's Swiss and Bacon Dip
748. We addressed envelopes for the Christmas pictures we’re sending to our relatives (no friends, too expensive)
749. I made quick Christmas cards for the bigger pictures we’re sending to immediate family. They looked pretty good.
750. We packed the box of gifts for our family in Arizona so we can mail it

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