Thursday, December 14, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-27

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.14.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

676. I’m on day 28 of my Bible in 90 Days. It’s both sad and yet good that the Levite priests in Israel escaped to Judah to continue to serve the Lord when Israel split from Judah. I guess I’m just sad when I read about the corruption in later years.
677. I exercised yesterday!
678. I think I ate bad smoked salmon dip yesterday, but God was good and helped me not get too sick.
679. My friend Ronie is almost done with her bachelor’s degree in psychology! She takes her last exam on Friday!!!! Woohoo! Congrats, girl! That psych is certainly doing you good with characterization, don’t you think?
680. I fixed our YahooGroup so now Dineen’s e-mails are going through rather than being pegged as spam.
681. My Steeple Hill discussion board friend Hope Chastain got picked to pitch her romantic suspense to Krista Stroever!
682. Dineen told us about a free download of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” as sung by . . . I don’t remember who, now. But it’s a good version.
683. I finished a synopsis critique for my Story Sensei critique service.
684. My synopsis critique was a second manuscript from a previous client whose first manuscript just got contracted! I’ll be able to say more when she signs the contract. (No, Heather, it’s no one you know.)
685. As of right now, I’m only 2 or 3 scenes away from finishing my rough draft of the manuscript! Hopefully I can finish revisions in a day and get this sent to my critique partners.
686. I have another synopsis critique job coming up this week, too.
687. I got to watch some CSI Miami episodes.
688. There are two A&E movies I’m looking forward to watching when this manuscript is done—two different adventures of The Librarian. They look kind of like Indiana Jones-type movies.
689. I’m also looking forward to when I finish my manuscript and can schedule a day to watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice again.
690. I moved some boxes to the guest bedroom so now my office is a little brighter without as many boxes stacked up.
691. I moved some scrapbooking tools to my living room/dining room so that I can use those when making cards. I’d forgotten I had those tools to cut different sized shapes.
692. I can’t wait to start making more cards.
693. My scarf is almost done.
694. I’m doing okay on calorie count so far today. I’ll probably snack more when I write later tonight, but if I’m starting with less calories than normal, that’s a good thing, right?
695. I think (I’m hoping) I’m burning extra calories in standing while I’m typing.
696. I enjoyed listening to the Broadway cast album of Beauty and the Beast. I love Terrence Mann.
697. I got to read a few more pages of my Betty Neels novel today during lunch.
698. At the CAN Marketing Blog, I posted a link to a good article on the benefits of personal blogging versus an author market blog.
699. My husband was very sweet and let me record Bones on the TiVo instead of his UFC Fighting Championship program.
700. Thanks to the aerobics, my surgery knee is feeling stronger these days.

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  1. Ohmygosh, I LOVE Terrance Mann too -- he's great on The Scarlet Pimpernel and Les Miz cast albums as well. I wish he'd record a solo CD.