Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-26

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.13.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

651. Heather is now officially moved! Enjoy cold, snowy, windy Denver, babe.
652. I’m on day 27 of my Bible in 90 Days. It was very inspiring to see how the people gave so freely of their wealth for the temple, and Solomon’s prayer reminded me that everything I have his God’s.
653. I exercised yesterday! I almost didn’t because I woke up so late, but I’m glad I did. The ab exercises almost killed me but I did them!
654. I got a full night’s sleep.
655. Brainstormed with Captain Caffeine about Christmas gifts for the relatives. I think I know what to get our sister in law. All women like jewelry, right?
656. I posted pictures of my office at my Scrapbook blog. Just click on “My Office” on the right sidebar.
657. My wireless trackball was giving me problems, so my husband brought home a regular (non-wireless) trackball for me to use and it’s great!
658. Celery with artichoke parmesan dip is fabulous! And yes, I do use more celery than dip in every bite.
659. I used my experience with aromatherapy to maybe help someone else. I gave information to a fellow author whose husband suffers from sinus headaches and heard my eucalyptus aromatherapy helps me.
660. I saw the cover for my friend Marilynn Griffith’s book Turquoise, which is due out August next year. It looks great! Almost as good as the cover for the first book in the series, Pink. I didn’t care as much for the covers of the other two books in the series, Jade and Tangerine, although I loved the color on Tangerine.
661. I was really warm last night with the silk comforter that my parents gave us.
662. I’m totally excited about the new season of 24! I’ve been seeing really cool trailers on TV.
663. I’m so blessed to have so many friends who are willing to critique my manuscript when it’s done. I really need prayer to finish it in the next day or two and get it to them.
664. I got to read a few more pages in my current Betty Neels book during my lunch break.
665. I enjoyed my glass of wine tonight more than I did last night. Maybe it’s because it got a chance to air out and breathe a bit.
666. My Candy Cane tea is really good with a little sugar and a splash of soymilk.
667. So far, my arches have been doing really well with my new shoes for aerobics, as long as I stretch enough beforehand.
668. I think my average writing speed is about 500 words an hour. That’s good to know.
669. I think I know what song will inspire me as I write the epiphany scene. I tend to have songs to evoke emotion in me when I write those intense scenes. The song for my debut novel, Sushi For One?, was “Held” by Natalie Grant.
670. My friend Donna Fleisher is out of lurkdom and on the ACFW loop again!
671. I posted another short article on dialogue at my Story Sensei blog.
672. I backed up my files.
673. My headache went away.
674. I’m nice and toasty warm right now.
675. My backache went away, too.


  1. Are you talking about the Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane tea? That stuff is super yummy!