Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-25

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.12.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

627. Heather had to get up at 3:30 A.M. to catch her flight and I got to tease her mercilessly about it. I’m so mean.
628. It’s rather neat how even though people move houses, their blog address remains the same and I can still keep up with them and see how they’re doing.
629. Had a great phone convo with my friend Pammer, who is going to make a GREAT ACFW VP!!!
630. I exercised yesterday!
631. I ordered Xmas gifts yesterday!
632. I ate lots of veggies
633. There was only one bad thing on my list of what I ate, and it was a small amount of potato chips I snacked on with my husband.
634. I moved our small space heater into my office and so now it’s nice and warm in here. I turn it off when it gets to the right temperature so I don’t waste electricity.
635. My parents gave us this silk-filled comforter that’s supposed to be warmer than a regular down comforter, so I threw it over our down comforter last night and it seemed warmer. I was very cozy, anyway.
636. I got my new stamp!
637. I got some books I ordered. A book on post-modern dating (since I haven’t dated in 9 years and I’m supposed to be writing about single women) and a new book on writing chick-lit to see if it can give any new pointers.
638. I tried a new Argentine wine, which was pretty inexpensive. It tasted okay. Something new.
639. My husband found a new body fat percentage calculator at Goodwill that seems pretty accurate.
640. We bought more Christmas presents.
641. I’m starting to drink tea with less sugar again. It doesn’t taste too bad.
642. Saw an interesting TV show last night—part of it, anyway—about the sport of competitive eating. It was interesting when they followed around the world champion, this guy in Japan.
643. I got a book of quotations that I ordered which will maybe give me good quotes to write in cards.
644. My teeth sensitivity is actually kind of good because it prevents me from eating too many sweet things—my teeth start to ache if I eat too much.
645. My husband found some old unused stuff to donate to Goodwill. Less clutter!
646. I was a bit disappointed in the latest CSI (Las Vegas) but the neat thing was that I came up with a cooler ending than the one they showed, all before they showed the ending.
647. There’s a CSI Miami marathon on A&E!
648. I have given up on the TV show House, which is one less thing for me to watch each week. The main character has always been rather like Sherlock Holmes, but lately he’s been completely unlikable and rather out of character in his cruelty. The antagonist this season is also equally unlikable, but even though that’s the point of being an antagonist, it’s too much caustic cruelty for me.
649. I’m on day 26 of my Bible in 90 Days. I read the passage of David’s prayer after God promised him a legacy, and David’s humility, view of God, and eloquence was very touching. It made me very grateful for everything He’s given to me, from the smallest to the biggest things.
650. I found I can exercise my knee and knit at the same time.

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