Sunday, December 10, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-24

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.11.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

601. Heather moves tomorrow!
602. I remembered to replace the battery in my guitar pickup.
603. We got some shopping done today for the Christmas truffles we’re going to make.
604. My parents told me what to get for my relatives for Christmas, so now I don’t have to rack my brains trying to come up with something.
605. The baptism yesterday was really nice even though I didn’t know when I was supposed to walk up and read Emily’s testimony, because I expected the pastor to SAY SOMETHING like “This is Emily,” or “Camy’s going to read Emily’s testimony.”
606. Had a great lunch of ¾ of a Trader Joe’s mini portabella mushroom and roasted garlic pizza. Yummy! Plus it was low fat, and I only ate part of it.
607. Got some cool wines at Trader Joe’s that were only $2 each! I love living in northern California. All the local wines are so inexpensive but rather decent.
608. I had so much fun writing the K-dramas into my manuscript. My mom’s friends in Hawaii who are all hooked onto the K-dramas will be so tickled, although that’s assuming they even read my book.
609. Mom laughed at the name of my fictional assisted living facility, Katsu Towers. Katsu is Japanese for breaded fried chop, usually pork (tonkatsu) or chicken (chicken katsu).
610. My scarf is getting longer and longer.
611. I exercised yesterday!
612. I discovered I don’t need to put in my contacts just to exercise. I’ve done Denise Austin so much by now that I can just take off my glasses and do it half-blind, then put my glasses back on afterwards.
613. I used up the old Portuguese sausage in the freezer by making fried rice. More room in the icebox!
614. The fried rice turned out really good! My dad would be proud. His fried rice was always good.
615. I ate lots of veggies yesterday, and I used a 1:1 mix of white rice and brown rice for the fried rice, so it was a little healthier
616. I worked on my scarf while watching CSI Miami
617. The CAN You’ve Got Books! excerpt e-mail loop is featuring Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland this week. I’m excited because I’ve been wanting to read this book.
618. Deadlock by James Scott Bell is the excerpt of the week for the Zondervan Book Club. It looks like an exciting legal thriller.
619. As a member of the Zondervan Book Club (and it’s totally free, people), I got a chance to vote on Lori Copeland’s upcoming book cover! How neat is that!
620. I got a DVD about the making of The Bible Experience, a new audio recording of the New Testament from Zondervan. Hey, how cool if Z gave a copy of that for one of my website contests? Hmm...
621. I’ve been writing down what I eat. I stopped for a while, but now I’m doing it again and it’s been very enlightening about the amount of calories I actually consume in a day. My calorie count has gone up. Gotta cut back.
622. Robin gave me recipes yesterday for a corn casserole and a cornbread dressing that are both artery cloggers but probably taste like heaven.
623. One great thing about standing at my desk is that I can do little exercises while I’m thinking.
624. I’m on day 25 of my Bible in 90 Days. I know why Chronicles had to open with the genealogies of the tribes, but man is it kind of boring. I guess it was not boring for them—it might have even been kind of exciting to hear the genealogy of your family all the way back to the clan founder.
625. My mom gave us a silk-filled comforter from China that’s supposed to be really warm. We’ll try it tonight.

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  1. Kewl-thanks for the heads-up about the Zondervan Breakfast club. I signed up!

    and I'm sure Robin's recipes are great--I hear so much about her cooking it makes me drool!! :-D