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One Thousand Gifts-22

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.09.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

551. Heather moves in 3 days!
552. I found a great article, Sex is Not About Waiting by Michael Lawrence.
553. I was really excited because I got the link to switch to the Beta Blogger system, which allows labels and private blogs, but it turns out my blog account is too large to transfer yet. Hopefully soon.
554. I had a really good time with God yesterday in my Blog Bible Study in Isaiah.
555. I made some yummy potstickers (the frozen kind)
556. I exercised yesterday! I had a good upper body workout.
557. I made a eucalyptus infusion. Now I have plenty for the upcoming sinus headache season.
558. Added bonus—I made the infusion in a large glass measuring cup and set it in my office so that I could smell the eucalyptus while it was steeping.
559. There was lots of lovely lavender in my garden for me to harvest yesterday
560. The Candy Cane tea from Adagio is pretty good so far, especially with some sugar added. I think next time I’ll steep it a little longer and make it a bit stronger.
561. Update: made a little stronger, it’s fabulous!
562. I found two little strawberries on my strawberry plant yesterday
563. Just looking at my new stamps—even though I haven’t assembled them yet—makes me happy.
564. I got a new book for my blog book giveaway
565. I have THREE books to give away for my blog book giveaway on Monday
566. In my office, I’m surrounded by books. Ah, that makes me happy.
567. It was kind of amusing the other day that the memory card on my PDA was filled with all my ebooks so I had to erase some to add more.
568. I got a great idea for a new birthday card to make.
569. I’m almost done with my novel!
570. I’m glad I tried writing this without a scene index, if only to show me that it’s worth the time for me to make the index first.
571. My online buddy Mark Goodyear has made me laugh (yet again) with his rant about why men bloggers can be just as thankful as women bloggers.
572. I’m so glad I started knitting. It totally helps me focus and think when I’m writing and get stuck, plus it’s productive—my scarf is getting longer!
573. I was able to use my new laptop today—in front of the TV! I wanted to figure out when a particular episode of CSI Miami originally aired in relation to other episodes, so while in front of the TV, I surfed onto and found out.
574. Captain Caffeine gave me a nice massage yesterday with only minimal whining needed.
575. I remembered to back up my files yesterday!


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