Thursday, December 07, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-20

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.07.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

501. I exercised yesterday!
502. I had writer’s group last night. It was only 3 of us, but it was so much fun. We got to celebrate Shelley’s new book deal for a YA series!
503. Had some yummy champagne to celebrate Shelley’s book deal. :)
504. I only had 4 pieces of shortbread, and it had oatmeal in it so it wasn’t completely decadent.
505. Dineen took home some shortbread so I don’t have to eat all the rest. :)
506. My MacBook Pro arrived yesterday!!!!
507. I discovered an easy way to elevate my desktop monitor as well as my keyboard and mouse so that I can stand and work without my neck bending down so much.
508. I remembered to post (and yes, this is a feat to be celebrated) another blog marketing post at the CAN Marketing Blog.
509. I am very grateful Captain Caffeine is familiar with Macs, because there were some things just not intuitive to me in starting to use my laptop.
510. I love my friend Claudia. She asked me for a blurb for a proposal she’s putting together. I was so honored.
511. I might get to see Claudia in January or February when she comes to San Francisco!
512. Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon soap smells nice. Not too strong, which the lotion is sometimes.
513. I’m on day 22 of my Bible in 90 Days. It was so sad how Solomon started so strong and ended so poorly.
514. I was able to give Dineen some verses I had just read in my Bible about the manna jar and Aaron’s staff that were in the Ark.
515. Dineen’s website now loads much faster! Now all the people I recommended to her Designer Girl Graphics will have no trouble pulling up her portfolio.
516. The house is nice and toasty warm right now.
517. I vacuumed yesterday (finally—it’s been 2 weeks, which granted is better than some months) and cleaned the guest bathroom!
518. I discovered that my Grandma’s hand-made scrubbies work great for cleaning the sink.
519. I found some free postage stamps
520. I wrote a great scene yesterday about the freeing feeling Christ gives in worship
521. I finished the scene index for my manuscript yesterday! Now the writing will go much faster.
522. I wrote 1400 words yesterday on top of finishing the scene index.
523. On the ACFW loop, Lena Dooley mentioned something about procrastination that really touched me. She reminded me that God knows us intimately and knows when, how, and where we will procrastinate. How true is that!
524. God is really good about helping me to not procrastinate when I pray and ask Him for help.
525. I finished installing Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac! Houston, we are go for launch!

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