Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Thousand Gifts-19

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.06.2006

I’m participating in the “One Thousand Gifts” list from Christian Women Online. Click on the picture to find out more about it.

476. I exercised yesterday!
477. I ate oats. Granted, it was granola instead of oatmeal, but that’s got to do some good for my cholesterol, right?
478. I’m applying for a campership for Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. I pray I get it so I can go.
479. Standing at my desk and writing definitely kept me warmer and more energized! How neat!
480. I caved in and bought more tea. I’ll eventually use it all, right? I wanted to try the holiday flavor samplers and be able to order more if I liked them.
481. I discovered fellow tea lovers in Sheryl and Sabrina! It’s nice getting recommendations and raving about flavors and types.
482. I started thinking about Christmas cards and presents early this year! Now to buy and send stuff.
483. I made a few Christmas cards! And I bought more ribbon so I can make more.
484. Sharon suggested I pray about being a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, if only to get a discount on my own supplies. How cool would that be! I don’t know how many orders I’d do with friends—I don’t know anyone else who makes cards.
485. I used my new TNIV Bible for the first time! I love the new text and the format of this square shape—lots of room to write notes, and nice feel to the pages.
486. Clothespins are wonderful things to close chip bags. And NO I’m not eating too many . . .
487. It’s kind of fun watching CSI Miami and making fun of Horatio Caine’s melodramatic last words before the opening title sequence.
488. My Microsoft Office 2004 arrived today
489. My husband says my computer will come on Thursday!
490. I have writer’s meeting at my house tonight!
491. I’m making shortbread for writer’s meeting!!!! I’ll even put oatmeal in it to make it a little healthy.
492. I went online and learned how to make a fringe for a scarf! I think I will put one on the one I’m making.
493. My renewed exercise routine has been paying off. I’ve had less back pain and I feel stronger in my legs.
494. I’m still having a really good time doing my Bible in 90 Days. I’m up to day 21 now. The time just flies by when I’m reading.
495. They say learning, recall, and creativity are one of either visual, auditory, or tactile. I think I’ve figured out that I create best when I have stimulation for my visual and tactile but not auditory, meaning I might have auditory creativity. I know I’m a visual learner. So I might have tactile recall. Or it could be switched and I have auditory recall and tactile creativity. I’d love to find the book that explains this.
496. I am extremely grateful for my corrective lenses. I’m not yet brave enough to risk (even the small risk) Lasik surgery.
497. I like the sales during Christmastime, although I could do without the crowds.
498. My new knitting needles are so nice and lightweight.
499. Sharon said she enjoyed my TMI section. :) I guess these days my Thousand Gifts are taking the place of my TMI. I’ll start it up again come January.
500. Yarn comes in the prettiest colors and nicest textures these days. I had so much fun browsing through the yarn section at Michael’s.

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