Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas gifts for writers, part 6

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Last year, I came across an article on gifts for writers, and I expanded on it with an article of my own. This is the end of my series of blog posts, and eventually I’ll post the entire article on my Story Sensei blog.

And if you have ideas of your own, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Gifts for Writers, part six (continued from part five)

Gift coupons are great gifts for the busy writer! Anything you can do to give the writer time to write is always welcome. Some ideas:

• A load of laundry

• An hour of babysitting

• Walking the dog

• An hour of errands/shopping

• A sink of dishes

• One cooked meal

• Vacuuming for the week

• Cleaning the bathroom, or kitchen counter

• Mopping and/or sweeping the floors for the week

• Clearing the living/family room

• A wildcard, any chore of the writer’s choosing

I hope this series of posts was useful! Make sure to leave this list around the house in case your significant others still haven’t a clue what to get you. ;)

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  1. Those a re really good ideas for a gift coupon for a writer. I love it.