Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Japanese family crests

Captain’s Log, Stardate 11.08.2006

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My family tree! You know my little graphic?

It's actually a fancied-up version of my Japanese family crest, or mon. Traditionally, it's passed down from mother to daughter.

This is actually my grandmother's father's crest (Hironaka family) rather than my grandmother's mother's crest (Hirosue family) because we had a hard time finding her mother's crest. My mom just sent me a rubbing from some relative's grave--this is the Hirosue crest (which I should have used):

It's five fans. Isn't it pretty?

This is my mom's father's mon (maternal grandfather):

And this is my dad's grandmother's mon (paternal great-grandmother):

This is actually a crest from one of the royal families because my great-grandmother is descended from one of the ladies-in-waiting or something like that. But I can't claim it as my personal family crest because it's from my dad's side. Shucks, huh? I could be descended from royalty!

Well, I probably act like a spoiled princess as it is . . . ;)


Bible in 90 Days: Day 10. I just started Deuteronomy, and one thing I'm seeing is God's power balanced very delicately with blessing. I cannot forget that He is the Lord my God. He has already blessed me abundantly like He promised blessings on the Israelites if they would obey Him. I want to please Him and have that fear of Him at the same time. It's a healthy fear. It feels healthy.

Writing: I posted a short article on developing your writer's voice on my Story Sensei blog.

I also posted a review of Siri Mitchell's chick-lit, The Cubicle Next Door (below).

Diet: I exercised yesterday! Woohoo! Let's hope I can keep it up the rest of this week.


  1. Those are gorgeous! What a wonderful legacy to pass on!

  2. how cool!
    it's so great to have that family heritage.

  3. This is so interesting!

    And your still roalty to me! ;-)

  4. Thanks for posting about Coldwater Revival and The Cubicle Next Door!

    How's your book doing? Got a title set yet? ;-) I've you reserved for either Sept or Oct '07 on FIRST.

  5. I love the family crests/mons. They're beautiful. Now I can see why you chose your graphic. Neat story.

  6. How cool! I didn't know that was an Asian tradition. We (Hopis) have signs too, relating to the clan we belong to. It's also matriarchal (how sp?) My sister kept calling us beavers, but we're really badgers, and our sign is the little claw.