Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Contract stuff

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

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Myths of the Fatherless: My online friend Kathy Holmes just published her book. Here’s a blurb:

Myths of the Fatherless
One Daughter's Discovery
Every little girl loves her daddy. But what happens when that daddy is missing? Or another man steps into his place? Society has accepted many myths about what that means to a child.

MYTHS OF THE FATHERLESS attempts to dispel those myths by sharing the author's story of her search for her father and eventual reunion with him. Throughout her journey, she discovered she was not alone, and despite her denial, fathers are very important to a woman. And whatever the reason the father is missing, not knowing him affects a woman's relationships with men and her entire life.

But fatherless daughters are not without hope. There is a Heavenly Father, who is called the "father to the fatherless."

Find out more about Kathy’s book at http://thefatherless.blogspot.com.

FYI for writers: I just got my official notice that my publisher has accepted my revised version of my manuscript, book one in my series. I had worked with my editor and she turned it in on November 1st, I think.

The reason I’m excited about the letter is because now I get paid! I don’t know how much writers will be interested in this, but I thought I’d explain.

When I got my contract, it spelled out my payment schedule. The contract was for 3 books (they even gave me my ISBN numbers, if you can believe that).

For each book, the contract said that I get about 1/2 of my advance upon signing the contract, about 1/4 when I turn in the Marketing Info Sheet for the manuscript, and then the remaining 1/4 when I turn in the revised manuscript and it’s accepted.

(Not all publishing houses are like this, just so you know. Some of them don’t give the money in three parts, some give the remaining 1/2 of the advance upon receipt of the rough manuscript. Others wait until the manuscript is revised and accepted. Some wait until actual publication.)

Since the contract was for 3 books, upon signing the contract, I got 1/2 of the advance for each of the three books. It was a nice chunk of money right there, and for two books I hadn’t even written yet.

I had already turned in my Marketing Info Sheet for book 1 in May, so I also got 1/4 of the advance for that book.

In September, I turned in the Marketing Info Sheet for book 2, and got 1/4 of the advance for that book.

I turned in the manuscript for book 1 earlier this year, but it wasn’t through substantive edits and revisions until my editor turned it in November 1st. After she turned it in, it was accepted. I get the remaining 1/4 of my advance for book 1 sometime next month.

I turn in the rough manuscript for book 2 on January 1st, 2007. It will go through substantive edits and revisions, and once that’s turned in and accepted, only then will I get the remaining 1/4 of the advance for book 2.

I will not get royalties until I sell enough copies of the book to “pay back” my advance.

And, of course, I still have to pay taxes on all this.


  1. Thanks Camy :-) The information on your contract and how your advances are handled is great "behind the scenes" info, and very helpful to know.

    I can't wait to read your first book!

  2. I can't wait until your book comes out, Camy!

    Put me in the drawing for Siri's book. Thanks

  3. You know, chickadee, you are just the kewlest. :-D First--too kewl your manuscript revisions were accepted. GREAT JOB!!! Second, the One Thousand Gifts is so kewl. Thanks for mentioning me in there. :-D And lastly, how can I not love you for letting Kristin guest blog. I'm totally with ya, KB, on that not getting it thing. :-D

  4. Good info, LAC. And you don't have to pay taxes if you spend more on your writing than you make! So go to lots of conferences!

  5. I want to be where you are! I want to be where you !

  6. I'm with Chickey. Guess I'd better get writing!

  7. Aww, do you HAVE to pay taxes? JK!! I love the insider info, keep it coming :-)

  8. Congrats, Camy, on the advance!! May your royalties begin soon. :)

    Thanks, too, for the mention of my book. It's so cool to know this book is touching lives around the world - from the US to Australia to the UK and on to South Africa. It'll be so awe-inspiring to see what the Lord does with it all. I am so thankful for being given this opportunity.

  9. Congrats on this next big step. It's always rewarding to get paid...especially after all the hours behind the computer. SO happy for you...how will you spend your fortune? ;-)