Monday, November 06, 2006

Call for writers—Falling Forward

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Call for submissions: I got an e-mail from Rachelle Gardner (my faboo editor) about a book she's working on:

Girlfriends! I have a request. I’m working on a book and I need your stories.

Tell me of a time you made a mistake in your Christian walk -- you found yourself judging someone, gossiping, spending money foolishly? Maybe you damaged a friendship by saying the wrong thing, or maybe you became addicted to overeating. We all fall short of the Glory of God (Rom. 3:23) -- but as Christians, we have a hard time talking about the ways we fall -- and so when it happens to us, we feel so alone and singularly "bad." I'd love to hear how you recovered from your mistake… or if you are still trying to recover from it.

This is sensitive, so feel free to email me your story (email address is in the sidebar). If I can use it in the book, it will be completely anonymous and we’ll change any identifying details.

Following is a brief summary of the book, to give you an idea of what I need.

This is for a good cause, ladies. It’s a Women of Faith book, and girlfriends everywhere are ready to learn from your missteps. Please write!


Falling Forward
by Sandi Patty

Most of us remember, as young girls, singing, “Ashes, ashes, we ALL fall down.”

As grown women all too familiar with faltering, stumbling and falling, we might hear that song in our heads and think, “Ain’t it the truth!”

Christian women are not immune to failure. At times, we’re vulnerable to falling down a variety rabbit holes, and landing ourselves in Not-So-Wonderlands.

What’s your rabbit hole? For some it is depression or despair. For others it is falling into discontent or restlessness. Sometimes we fall into hopelessness or grief. We are all susceptible to discouragement and feelings of unworthiness.

Other times we fall into sin. The pressures of our lives mount up and we fall into addictions to numb our pain: overeating, alcohol, drugs. Our desire to be loved and cherished can cause a fall into relational or sexual sin. Success in life can lead us to fall into pride. Then there’s shopaholism, jealousy, gossip, anger—need I go on? You get the picture. Even the best fall down sometimes.

And when we do—what’s next?

Whatever mess you’ve fallen into, this book will encourage you to go ahead and fall again. But— this time, Fall Forward. Fall into the loving arms of your Heavenly Father.

Fall into faith.
Fall into trust.
Fall into hope.
Fall into mercy.

Fall into acceptance. Fall into healing. Fall into restoration. Fall into the arms of the One who knows you and loves you eternally.

Go ahead. Lean in His direction and let go.

Your Loving Father knows exactly where you are and He’s waiting to catch you.

You can e-mail Rachelle through her blog.

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  1. "I am clay and I am water, falling forward in this order. While the world spins round so fast, slowly I'm becoming who I am ..."

    : )