Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.18.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or email me. If I forgot your prayer request, email me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.
Thank you, Lord, for each day.

I lift up Brenda and Gail to you. Cover them with your glory and your power.

Help Heather to finish her manuscript.

Be with Pammer and her manuscript.

Help Squirl finish her manuscript. I also pray for complete healing for her hip, for a good surgery, for a smooth and quick recovery.

Bless Dineen’s new graphic design business, and also help her with her manuscript.

I pray for justice for Robin and her family. Give her wisdom on her writing and remind her you are guiding her.

Help Ronie with her new manuscript and give her wisdom about her career.

Heal Ron's back and help him with his manuscript.

Be with Sharon H. and help her book launch to be successful. Lead and guide her in her new project.

Cover Kelli S. with your grace and power.

Be with Sarah S. and her career. I pray for good sales numbers and for you to place the right manuscript with the right house. Keep her spirits up. Give her your will and discernment about her nonfiction project.

Lord be with Shelley, Tracey, Deborah and Lyn as their book tour launches. I pray for wonderful contacts, lots of fun, affirmation for each of them in their writing ministry, guidance in their career directions. Give them all energy and joy.

I lift up Gina C.’s son to you, and pray for healing of his autism and delays.

Please be with Ruth A.’s friend Roy. I pray you’ll help him recover from his stroke quickly and smoothly, and I pray for good health for him so that it won’t happen again. Comfort Roy’s wife Robbie. Also, please diffuse the tension and conflict from Ruth A.’s work situation and give her the strength and wisdom she needs.

Please give Cathy W. and her husband wisdom in how to raise their teen daughter. Help them to know your willin all things. Protect her from spiritual warfare that would lie to her, help her to be able to discern the truth from the lies. Help her to walk closer with you and make wiser choices.

Please help Tina, Myra, Pam, Cheryl, Audra and Ruthy hear back soon about their manuscripts.

Thank you for protecting Glynna from the forest fire near her home. Protect her from spiritual warfare at work, and give her all the strength and peace she needs to be a good witness for you.

I lift up Mary’s sister and niece to you and pray for your hand over everything. Thank you her daughter’s wedding went well.

Please help Pam’s nephew to find grace in you.

Be with Missy’s children at camp.

I pray for physical healing for all the SAYSFers.

I pray for healing for Mir for her tinnitic and allergies. Help her to finish her manuscript.

Continue to help Lori K. heal quickly and smoothly from her surgery.

I pray for the right house for Gina H.’s manuscript, and the perfect editor for her.

Protect Paula M.’s family from spiritual warfare—surround their home with your angels. Instill peace in her heart.

Give Megan D. peace and strength this week for her writing and all the other distractions in her life.

I pray for complete healing of Malia’s back and knee. Please also help the insurance work out well.

Continue to watch over Donna F. Cover her and take care of her.

Help Gen with her writing, her classes, and her job.

Help Audra S. with her writing and her family.

Lead Mair’s son Kenny out of his wilderness.

Continue to strengthen and protect Angie P. and Pattie. Please heal Pattie completely.

I pray you will use Lynette’s writing for your glory.

Cover Tiff with your love and protection.

Lead and guide Dream in your love.

Help Katie’s brother be responsible as he recovers from shoulder surgery, and I pray he heals quickly.

Continue to affirm and guide Angie A. in her writing.

Guide Ane to the right agent.

I pray Winter’s biopsy turns out to be benign.

Speak to Sigrun and give her ease from her physical end emotional pain.

Please protect Mary D. and her family from spiritual warfare. Affirm your purpose for them and help them to accomplish your work.

Help Diana D.’s ankle to heal completely and quickly.

Continue to heal Mama Rose’s daughter. Please help the doctors know what’s causing the infection and heal her.

Continue to give Connie S. strength and grace and love for the people around her.

I pray for justice for Kristin B. and her family. Help everything go smoothly. Please continue to keep her in good health.

Please speak to the non-believing spouses married to my friends.

Keep watch over your persecuted church, Lord.

Help me with this new book so that I write it for your glory alone. Give me discipline in all areas of my life. Help me to know you more. Thank you for helping me to heal. Please help me to continue my exercising.

You are holy and awesome, Lord. Amen.

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