Monday, June 12, 2006

Guest blogger Diann Hunt

Captain’s Log, Stardate 06.12.2006

I get to host lady-lit author Diann Hunt again for another wild and crazy adventure!

Diann’s hot-off-the-presses novel is RV THERE YET?

Life's a journey. Midlife's an adventure. But two weeks in a RV with the hot-flash sisters could drive anyone over the hill.

Dede signed on for this cross-country RV trip selflessly, for Millie and Lydia's sakes. Besides, she needed to get her mind off a love gone wrong and a demanding gourmet chocolates business. And it's for a good cause--sprucing up the old summer camp in Colorado to save it from closing. It will be a fun, memorable last hurrah before she turns fifty. Right?

But Dede's more of a luxury hotel kind of girl. She likes mints on plumped pillows and room service. Bunking with friends in a motor home the size of a phone booth is not her style. And with the mysterious biker gang and a stalking ex-boyfriend, the RV seems to be shrinking.

Still, with friends, a boutiful supply of truffles, and a boy from her past who has aged very well, this trip might be the best vacation ever!

A hilarious story that celebrates the life in midlife--even the occasional moose and mosquitoes--and the surprising grace of God.

Excerpt of chapter one on Amazon.

Here’s Diann!

Clear the streets!! Board up your windows! Two wild-eyed, hyper, boomer gals pumped up on espresso and chocolate are headed your way, and things could get a little crazy! That’s right. Colleen Coble and I (along with our hubbies) are climbing aboard a fifty-foot RV and heading up to Nashville from Florida, stopping at bookstores along the way to promote our Women of Faith books: Alaska Twilight and RV There Yet?

Our schedule will look something like this:

June 19th: FLORIDA: Orlando, Ocoee and Daytona Beach
June 20th: FLORIDA: Jacksonville; GEORGIA: Savannah
June 21st: SOUTH CAROLINA: Columbia, Lexington, Spartanburg, Greenville
June 22nd: GEORGIA: Buford, Duluth, Tucker, Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Kennesaw
June 23rd: GEORGIA: Women of Faith Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
June 24th: TENNESSEE: Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Antioch, Nashville, Madison

We’re looking forward to a great trip, but once Dave cranks up the engine, we’ll all take the “pinkie promise.” And of course every good RV’er knows what that means. It’s where we promise that we will not tell another living soul what we discover about one another in the confines of our little home that week. If Colleen bites her toenails, you’ll never hear it from me. The fact that I guzzle cans of whipped cream? She’ll never breathe a word of it. It’s sort of a “Boomers Code of Ethics,” you know?

On the other hand, it’s only fair you should know that I can be bought for chocolate.

Be sure to check out our blog at for updates on which bookstores we’ll be stopping by—we hope to see some of you!!

Another cool thing is my husband and I will be visiting Camp Timberline in Colorado in July. The owner was very helpful to me as I gathered research for RV There Yet? You’ll understand when you read the book. I hope to put pictures of the camp on my web site once we get back.

Thanks to all of you who are kind of enough to pick up our books and allow us to journey with you for a while. God bless you, everyone!

Diann Hunt
RV There Yet?, Women of Faith Selection, WestBow Press, Now Available
Hot Tropics & Cold Feet, WestBow Press, November 2006

Camy here: Thanks, Diann! Sounds like it’s going to be a great trip! (However, I’m not saying I’d willingly be boarded up in an RV with you and Colleen.)