Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mount Hermon recap, part 8

Captain’s Log, Stardate 04.26.2006

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My Thursday book giveaway is A BABY FOR DRY CREEK by Janet Tronstad.
My Monday book giveaway is THE REMEDY FOR REGRET and A WINDOW TO THE WORLD by Susan Meissner.
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Continued from Mount Hermon recap, part 7:
Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference is held every year during the weekend of Palm Sunday. This year, it was April 7th – 11th.

An unofficial tradition has been when the Night Owls gather in the coffee lounge to gab, check email, get slap-happy, and then get kicked out when maintenance closes the lounge at midnight.

Last year in September at the ACFW conference in Denver, Brandilyn Collins had a meeting of all the “BGs”—the blogger friends who read her blog—and created a round robin story that she posted on her blog from the conference.

At Mount Hermon this year, she wanted something different.

I don’t know why she chose chick-lit writers. Maybe it was Prada envy. Regardless, she unleashed her laptop among the rest of us Night Owls in the coffee lounge, and she wrote a short story in three parts (one, two, three) that was posted on her blog Forensics and Faith.

The first to be offed was Kristin Billerbeck, famous for WHAT A GIRL WANTS, the first (American) Christian chick-lit ever published. Strangled with her Prada handbag.

Next was my roommate, Meredith Efken, whose debut book SAHM I AM is fabulously funny. She’s not a bad roommate, either. Except when she turns up dead in the bathtub, asphyxiated by a dirty diaper.

And third was me. Yes—little, sweet, innocent me. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Never drink, steal, or cuss.

{pregnant pause while Camy’s friends guffaw and try to breathe}

I was poisoned with wasabi. Originally, I was supposed to be killed by the lethal power of just lots and lots of the green stuff, but I pointed out that wasabi only gives you a stomachache, it doesn’t kill you. So Brandilyn added arsenic.

Last was my mentor Sharon Hinck, whose debut book THE SECRET LIFE OF BECKY MILLER comes out next month. Her bright cover shows a supermom with a red cape, so Sharon was found hung in the dining hall by her cape.

Many of Brandilyn’s friends appear in this riveting and rather disgusting mystery, as well as the titles of the dead chick-lit writers’ books, if you look closely. The identity of the killer is tied to a story on Randy Ingermanson’s website about Shaving Babbitt and scamming Steve Laube.

If you have any other questions about the strange references in the story, you can ask me. If I don’t know, I can ask Brandilyn.

Well, I think that’s the recap. If I think of any other entertaining stories, I’ll be sure to add them. Of course, you’re all probably screaming, “TELL HER TO SHUT UP ALREADY! WE KNOW SHE HAD A GOOD TIME!”

Oh, BTW--I have pictures up on my picture blog, Camy's Scrapbook.


  1. I've loved reading your conference entertaining! And thanks for the link to the Shaving Babbitt story...that was hysterically funny! And RYC on my blog abotu Keeley Hawes -- I only watched MI:5 like once or that show still broadcast here in the states?

  2. Mount Hermon part 9? This is starting to sound like Brandilyn's NES.

    Those who didn't go to Mount Hermon must know that even "MH part 29" couldn't detail all the fun stuff and funny conversations that take place there. It's only natural that when you've had such a good time, you'd want to share it. I was there and I missed out on some of the hilarious adventures.

    Thanks for reporting, Camy.

  3. You type good for a dead girl. :)

    hmm maybe wasabi has some kind of zombification properties...

    Thanks for posting those pictures. :)

  4. I'm pretty sure THEODORA'S DIARY came out before WHAT A GIRL WANTS. :) THPPPT!


  5. I'd love to go to the conference some year. Maybe next year... Better start saving those pennies.

    Glad to hear you not only had a good time but that you took away things from the conference that will make you a better writer and person.

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I think MI-5 is still being aired in the US on A&E, I think.

  7. Jews have a saying round Passover: Next year, Jerusalem!

    My new mantra is: Next year, Mt. Hermon.

  8. Sweet? Innocent? Never drink, steal, or cuss? Sorry, choking over here! LOLOLOLOLOL