Friday, April 14, 2006

Mount Hermon recap, part 1

Captain’s Log, Stardate 04.14.2006

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My Thursday book giveaway is AND BABY MAKES FIVE by Debra Clopton.
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On Monday, I’ll have another giveaway. On Thursday I'll draw the winner for AND BABY MAKES FIVE and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference: I had a great time meeting new friends, seeing old ones. But man did it rain. Not as much as last year, but enough to wet the books I bought to give away on my blog! Waaaaaaaaaa

I roomed with Meredith Efken, my cohort in crime from the ACFW conference in Nashville last year. We are perfect roommates because we’re both night owls, and there’s no danger of waking the other one up when we get into the room at night.

They put us in a quaint wooden lodge at the bottom of the gully, by a small stream, nestled within towering redwood trees.

I am not a bug person. Creepy crawlies are not my thing. This is probably the reason I don’t go camping very often. That and the fact that anyplace lacking a proper toilet, mattress, four walls and a roof really is not my idea of fun.

So what happens in our quaint little cabin? Not the first night of our stay but the second and third nights (when the sun came out), we were attacked by flying termites! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

By the third night, it was a little too late to change rooms. And the rain came back, which made the kamakazis drop off in number. I cannot convey how utterly grossed out I was by then.

My only saving grace was that I’d brought my lavender and eucalyptus essential oils to sprinkle on my pillow in case I got a sinus headache. Lucky for me, both of those are natural insect repellents. I doused my bed with the stuff to keep anything with more than two legs off my sheets.

Tuesday: What made me almost hurl my breakfast.

Bible in 90 Days: Day 84. I just finished Hebrews and James. I got more out of Hebrews this time because I moved through it so fast. I could see the overall structure of the letter and the writer’s points about Christ.

Writing: Still getting stuff done after being gone from home for so long. I have a new idea maximizing my writing efficiency from an RWA workshop I’m listening to on MP3.

Diet: I think I’m still eating too much and not exercising enough, but I went to PT today. I think I need more water.


  1. muwahahahahahahahahaha

    Sorry to hear about the Terrible Bug Attack of '06. At least they didn't chew through the walls and drop the ceiling on ya.

    As for making you almost hurl... It was the poisonous Wasabi on your eggs! Wasn't it?

    Happy Easter!

  2. I'm with you on that. The only time I've rusticated and not minded it too much was for Bible camps. Toilets are really essentials for me but I've met some of the weirdest ones in the world too. Yuck.

    Why don't lavender and eucalyptus work on our nasties? I've used sprays and creams and eucalyptus-scented branches to keep them out but I guess it definitely does not work on spiders--well, they're not really bugs, I guess. They even had those branches all wrapped up in webs!

  3. Something tells me you would not fare well in Africa.
    Remind me to tell you about the Jerusalem cricket sometime...or the Kopifoam cricket...and the skinks that lived under the couch in our sitting room...

  4. Thanks for the warning, Camy. I'll make sure NOT to ask for the quaint little cabin by the brook next year at Mt. H. Things are not always what they seem...:-)

  5. Ever since my backside met up with a cactus on a camping trip, I've opted for the Marriot (you really find out who your true friends are when they remove cactus thorns from your behind with tweezers by moonlight - I mean flashlight.)

    Not too sure I want to read tomorrow's post, but I'll peek through squinted eyes. :o)