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Sunday prayer

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.12.2006

Leave any prayer requests in the comments and I’ll be praying this week. You don’t have to be Christian to leave a prayer request. If you’d rather not advertise to everyone on the blogosphere, just leave an unspoken prayer request or email me. Not to be mean or anything, but if you don't email me or comment to update your prayer request, I'm only going to pray 3 Sundays.

Blessed be your glorious name, O Lord.

Father, please comfort everyone who has lost a loved one recently.

Help Christina as she finishes the final weeks of her missions trip to Japan.

Continue to help Heather work through the things you spoke to her about.

Give Pammer your strength and courage to overcome her fear.

Please heal Squirl's hip, and give wisdom to everyone involved so she can be free from pain.

Lead and guide Robin in her writing, and thank you for the opportunities you've given to her.

Thank you for Ronie's good news, and help her prepare for the move.

Be with Dineen in Florida and cover her with your peace and grace.

Help Ron to balance his busy life, and lay your hand on his new writing project.

Infuse Mir with energy, and please heal her body from all its aches and pains and annoyances. Give her and me discipline for diet and exercise.

Help Sharon finish her manuscript and give rest to her body.

Help Lori's surgery go well and give her a smooth, quick recovery.

Lead and guide Gina H. in her writing opportunities. Please continue to bless her and help her to write for you.

Please provide for Paula and her family. Convict their clients to pay their invoices this week.

Help Megan at her job and help her to prioritize her time so she can write.

Give Malia wisdom about what to do with her insurance woes, and I pray for healing for her knee and back.

Cover Donna with your spirit as she finishes her manuscript.

Prepare Mok for this new job and career direction, and help her to be a witness for you in whatever she does.

Please give Audra wisdom about her baby and what she might be eating causing the tummy cramps. Help her healing to go smoothly and quickly, too.

Continue to give RagamuffinDiva your guidance, peace, and power.

Continue to hold Angie in your hand, and keep her smoke-free. Give her your strength and power. I pray for healing for Pattie.

Guide Lynette as she writes, so that she can glorify you.

I pray for quick and complete healing for Tiff's mom. Please cover the entire family with your peace.

Please help Tina, Mary C. and Ruthy hear back soon about their manuscripts.

Help Tina and Myra move house smoothly.

I lift up Mariah to you and ask you to continue to nudge her and direct her steps.

Give Dream your strength, peace, discernment, and joy.

Please give Linda peace amidst all the losses and family illnesses causing stress. I pray for healing for her grandson's heart and wisdom for the doctors. Please also comfort her daughter and the rest of the family as only you can.

Give wisdom to the doctors as they biopsy Rose's daughter's tumor. I pray it isn't cancerous. I pray for healing for her and peace for the family.

I pray for Sigrun's sister-in-law's parents, that they will turn to you during this difficult time.

Please continue to help Zola's chemo go smoothly.

Grant peace to my friends married to non-believers.

Continue to draw all men to you through the work of your persecuted church.

Thank you for a smooth, quick recover so far for me, Lord, and please continue to help me with my physical therapy. Please give me discipline in all areas of my life.

God, you are so good. Amen.

My new purchase: I went shopping today at Marshall's after church. I needed brown socks and I was also looking through their bags for a multi-compartment tote bag I could use for conferences to put my laptop in (as well as all my other stuff).

I didn't find a good tote--the ones I saw were too small or had a very weak closure (and I wouldn't want my laptop sliding out of the bag). However, I found this lovely creature hidden among the other handbags:

Dooney and Bourke, baby! AND IT'S PINK!!! It was also $120, when it's normally $225 from the catalog. I thought long and hard because even discounted that's nothing to sneeze at. But my husband said it could be my early birthday present.

Just looking at it makes me happy. Sigh.


Missy Tippens said…
Oooh, Camy, I love the purse!! It's about time for me to pull my pink purse back out. But mine's not nearly as cute.


Kassiani said…
Cool bag...though pink really isn't my colour. Can it really fit a laptop? I'm still trying to find a good-looking case for my laptop, not that awful standard issue that comes with it. Urgh!
Julie Dearyan said…
Love the purse! You might need to watch out at your next conference in case I steal it from you-not for the items inside but for the purse itself!
Anonymous said…
That purse is most definitely a lovely creature. What a great deal for a D&B!
Camy-girl, thank you for the prayer! The visit with my parents went much better than I thought it would. I know those prayers made a difference. Thank you!

Love the purse. When's your birthday? Sounds like we need to go to lunch and celebrate. ;-)

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