Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bookmark quiz

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.14.2006

Blog Book giveaway:
My Thursday book giveaway (ALMOST HEAVEN) is here.
My Monday book giveaway (STEALING ADDA) is here.
You can still enter both of them. Just post a comment on those blog posts.
On Thursday, I'll draw the winner for ALMOST HEAVEN and post the title for another book I'm giving away. Stay tuned.

Quiz: I got this from Pam Hillman:
I have been pondering this all important question--What is your bookmark of choice?

A) The one I handmade for myself
B) The one a friend/family member made for me
C) An expensive metal one bought by a friend/family member
D) A jagged strip of toilet paper, junk mail or the corner of the gas bill
E) Bookmarks from other authors
F) A turned down page

Camy here: It's usually E, because I have so many that I can stick them by the handfuls in every corner of the house where I could possibly need a bookmark--kitchen table, TV room, bathroom very near the toilet--oops, was that TMI?

So leave a comment and tell me what your choice is!

Bible in 90 Days: Day 61. I finished the Old Testament! I never realized how rich and hopeful the books of the Minor Prophets are, especially Malachi. For some reason, the words resonated with me as I read that book. Maybe the joy of imagining the New Jerusalem.

Writing: Got some great plotting done yesterday, and hopefully will get more today. Unfortunately, something went wrong with my networking so I can’t back up the files from my laptop onto my desktop computer. Yikes! I hope my husband can fix it later tonight.

Diet: I was TERRIBLE this weekend—ate a lot and no exercise. But yesterday I had a hard workout at physical therapy and I ended the day at 1500 calories. Today I’m eating a 500 calorie Indian food lunch with lots of veggies. I’m also making French bread to eat with the garlic chicken I made last week.


  1. My bookmark of choice wasn't on the list. I guess "C" could work because mine was bought buy a family member, but mine is not expensive metal. Mine is an inexpensive bookmark with a tassel that my mother bought for me. It says, "Each day is a new beginning."

    -Jennifer Yates

  2. My bookmark of choice is usually A or B: definitely handmade either by a friend or myself.

    I hear you on the bad diet weekend. I've been doing a lot of stress/emotional eating and need to get back on the diet bandwagon.

  3. I use a variety - author bookmarks, a metal one from my brother, pass it on cards, whatever happens to be around. I never turn down a page, though. If nothing suitable happens to be around, I memorize the page number instead.

  4. I'm like Katie about never turning down a page. I think doing that is disrespectful to the book and author*g*. Otherwise I use anything within reach that's not too big--I wouldn't want to break the spine of a book either.

    I *try* to put in a piece of paper that I can enter data on: dates I read the book, characters with occupations, etc. to use in the database I made up for my books way back in Lotus(?) spreadsheet and which is now in Access.

    I've got loads of real bookmarks around but I'm always misplacing them.

  5. Mines not on your list either. LOL! It's a magnetic bookmark that folds over the page and clicks together. Very cool gift from two very cool friends at my church. What's even cooler is that the Bible verse on it is the one God gave me to keep writing when I doubted whether I should continue. I never told them about it though. Very cool indeed...