Thursday, December 29, 2005

Camy’s Scrapbook

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.29.2005

Okay, I admit to procrastinating today, too. I started a new blog called Camy’s Scrapbook for all my pictures. That way, I can organize them and enable people to view them, but I won’t cause problems for anyone without high-speed internet.

Carrie Turansky’s up on First Novel Journey in a great interview today. Tomorrow is a book review on WEDDED BLISS? romance anthology (review by Ane Mulligan).

Writing: I’m starting to meld my heroine together more in my head. Because of the career I’m having her do, her personality needs to mesh with the demands of it. It’s a bit different from the original personality I envisioned for her. I need to do more research.

Mary Griffith has a “word” for each year that the Lord gives to her. This year when I read her blog post, the first word that came to mind was PERSEVERANCE.

Yikes! Lord, you gotta be wiggin’ out here. Who in their right mind wants to persevere? Hello?

I envision horrible things. My new agent pitches my suspense manuscript at CBA Advance to a sea of uninterested faces. Despite brilliant query letters, there are no takers on my suspense manuscript. I struggle with my new chicklit/suspense manuscript, and then it also bombs. My new agent dumps me. I can’t write a brilliant word to save my life. The IRS audits me. Even worse—I have to go back to work full-time at a biotech again!

Oh God. I can do everything through Him who strengthens me, right?

I’m gonna need hecka lotta prayer this year, buds.


  1. LOL Stop tripping yourself out woman. And prayer you have.

  2. I'm right there with you, Camy. "They're going to hate my book when it comes out." "They'll know I can't write after all." "I'll never get anything else finished." Etc. Time to pray! :)

  3. LOL....okay woman, since I'm critting the suspense I'll tell you, it WILL NOT BOMB! TRUST me on this one! Stop stressing and just work....the whole idea of doubt, worry and fear does NOT come from God! So start believing in the talents HE gave you, woman!

  4. I'm not buying the "it's gonna bust" deal. No way.

    But I think it's in the nature of our profession to have all this self-doubt. I really do. Cause we're working on a lone wire most of the time, and we set our own standard, and we never get it on paper as wonderfully as it seems to us in our heads. So...well...

    I think you'll get that contract VERY SOON.

    I'm still waiting for my word (s). I'm getting inklings, but nothing solid. The baser part of me wishes it would be, "LOTTOO WIN!" First thing...Apple Store. :D

  5. Have faith, Camy. God is bigger than all our doubts and he will see you through. My word for this year appears to be MORE. It's kind of a dull, simple word, but I'm excited anyway. :)