Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Writing for a secular audience?

Captain’s Log, supplemental

I had an interesting quiet time yesterday. In 2 Timothy, Paul charges him to preach the word of God. As I read that verse, I had the feeling that maybe God would want me to do that too, to lift up Christ, writing for secular audience.

I don’t know for certain if this is true. I mean, breaking into ABA—and being halfway successful—is so much harder than in CBA. As soon as I got this feeling, I told God, “Dude, if that’s what You want, then it’s all on You. You’re the only one who could make that come about.” So we’ll see.


Writing: I NEED TO FINISH THIS NOVELLA!!! It’s become the bane of my life. The Smaug of my Misty Mountain. The Orcs in my Cirith Ungol. The Sauron of my Middle Earth. (Pammer, aren’t you proud of me?)

Actually, I wrote for several hours yesterday, which is tons more than I’ve done the previous weeks. It was great. I can’t say I got a lot of pages done, but then again I’m a slow writer.

Diet: I did Taebo today! I’ve been slacking on my exercise because our dog has a cut on her foot, so I can’t take her running. I’m too scared to step on the scale right now. Maybe in a few weeks if I can get back on track with my exercise. I ate a lot for dinner—I made a bad mistake and let my blood sugar get too low, so I was starving around 7:00 PM and I ate practically everything in sight.


  1. :D I am very proud of you! I even liked you LOTR references, lol. (I mean I have a cat named Eowyn and one named Galadreil.

    God is with you. Praying for you.


  2. LOL Camy! Isn't it crazy how we get spoken to sometimes?