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Novella picking up

Captain’s Log, Stardate 08.24.2005

I’ve actually gotten a lot done on the novella this week. I’ve been writing during my peak time—midnight and beyond—and wrote a powerful scene last night. My heroine had to face her insecurities about her weight and dieting, and it was both easy and hard to write because I’ve faced the same things.

Today, my friend Dineen gave really good insight into the first couple chapters—she said the first chapter was kind of slow and suggested cutting it. When I did (and rewrote chapter two as the new chapter one), everyone I’ve talked to said the new version moves faster and gets the story across better. The new version cut about 1000 words, too.

This novella is looking to be longer than I expected, but I still haven’t done extensive rewrites and I already know places I could cut. I’m hoping the novella isn’t longer than 30K. I think I could cut 5K without too much blood and guts.

I’m so much more hopeful these past few days. I’ve been writing more and feeling good about it. The story is shaping up without too many problems. I just hope some editor likes the anthology idea and my writing. But even if not, I could still have this novella be a free e-book download on my website or something.

Diet: I went to volleyball open gym on Sunday, and while playing, my knee buckled (it didn’t pop). It hurt for a little while, then stopped. It swelled a little bit, but not very badly. But when I played on it the rest of the night, it would buckle at odd times. I left early to come home and ice my knee.

I did Taebo today and it buckled a little, it’s never done that with Taebo before.

My husband thinks it’s just scar tissue breaking up, not the ACL tearing again. I’ve been doing more leg exercises the past few days, and I think I’ll try to get a doctor’s appointment before my old insurance finishes at the end of the month. I am really praying I didn’t accidentally reinjure my ACL.


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