Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nothing much again

Captain's Log, Stardate 07.02.2005

I have to work on the 4th, so it's not that terrific a holiday for me. But the good news is that my supervisor is allowing me to take a comp day (for the holiday) as one of the days I'll be missing for the RWA conference. That way, I only burn two vacation days instead of three.

Work isn't bad, but it's not writing. I really have been praying for patience and contentment, really truly. It's just that on weekends, I sit down and spend time at the computer, I stay up late writing, and I moan and groan that I can't do this all the time. I've been trying to use this time to learn to write efficiently, to deal with stress, to discipline myself. So I suppose it's all good.

Writing: Did some today. Novella slowly shaping up. It's all garbage, but I'm entitled. :) I'll fix on the rewrite. For now, I just have to get words on the page.

Yikes! I forgot to write my Write Time column for this month. Gotta do that, and also my Real Life Q&A column for Rubyzine.

Diet: I worked out five times this week! Woohoo! Did I lose weight? Nope. :( Scale says the same. But my leg muscles hurt from the squats I did on Wednesday. Reading the eDiets articles everyday motivated me to exercise more. I just wish it weren't so dang hot when I run with the dog, or when I get home to do my Taebo. Been sucking up more water than a fish.

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