Sunday, July 10, 2005


Captain’s Log, Stardate 07.10.2005

I was reading in Relevant magazine today about how the editor was listening to some gospel music that seemed to emphasize the blessings of God over the worship itself. God does shower blessings in abundance, but the editor wanted to reinforce the walk over the gifts received.

It makes me wonder if I am too focused on those blessings I hope to receive from God—namely, a writing contract. Preferably (!) this year. Sure, I hope to serve God with my book, to lift up Christ so He can draw my readers to Himself (John 12:32). But what about the getting there? How can I serve God during the getting there?

I need to think and pray about this. I know God can use me wherever He feels like it, but I should be focused on being used where I am, rather than striving for something I hope to do for Him. I am really not there yet—not in the mindset of salting the table I’m at.

Today at service I was really aware of the presence of God, moreso than ever before. I think it was because of my prayer time this week. I got into the music worship, and parts of the pastor’s sermon spoke to me. I could feel Him there, pointing out things I needed to hear. I love it. I love feeling so much at peace, so cooled and filled.

Diet: I lost another pound from last week! I hope I can keep up the exercise and food choices. I realized I should try to order vegetarian when I go out to eat—it sometimes has lower calories and fat.


  1. *turning off brain now* Very good point... excuse me while I go look for some sackcloth and ashes now. ;)

  2. LOL Dream. I'm there with ya. Just today I realized I didn't even try to stop myself from griping with my coworkers and not being a good witness for God. My coworkers probably all think I just complain all the time!