Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Captain’s Log, Stardate 03.08.2005

I’m procrastinating.

I put together my submissions for Mt. Hermon editorial critique, Bethany House and Zondervan. I checked out the current catalog for each publisher and it just seemed like those two would be a good match for my suspense. It does deal with a controversial issue, but it’s also very entertainment-oriented, not so much obvious Christianity (at least I think so). I named the first book “Furious Dragon” and the series is called “The Dragon Queens” because of the three sisters.

I also put together my entry for the Daphne du Maurier unpublished award contest. I’m still a little bit worried that my Chinese “Alias” storyline might be TOO out of the box for the more conservative judges. But oh well, it’s in God’s hands anyway, I shouldn’t worry about it. I might enter ACFW’s Noble Theme contest too, but I’m not certain yet. After getting singed by a few ultra-conservative judges last year with my Chicklit entry, I’m a little leery about entering a Christian Silhouette-Bombshell-type story.

Which I should be working on.

Well, now that my proposal is mostly done, I’ll have more time for writing, right? And I really do want to finish the manuscript, and I really do enjoy working on it. Really.

Diet: Not enough water, but I did go walking yesterday and today during lunchtime at work. I also did a few exercises, and my quads are killing me. I have PT tomorrow. More torture. What’s weird is that a few times today, my knee felt strange, an odd clicking feeling.

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